Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Newsletters

I just finished writing my 3 pieces for the Talking to Spirit January, 2010 newsletter. The newsletter has evolved into a section that is pure channeling, a section where people might get some ideas about how to awaken their psychic abilities and a last section where I just talk about something I think might be interesting.
I was just putting the finishing touches on the last article which has to do with Tarot cards. It was interesting because I was basically done with the article but my Guide prompted me to continue and make the connection for the reader between Spirit and just who is going to be helping them. I’m glad too, because I had forgotten my own experience when I first handled a Tarot deck.

That first time I didn’t realize where the info was coming from. I knew it was coming from somewhere because I turned up the same card three times in a row running. Scared the you know what out of me and literally forced me to go look up the meaning pretty ding-dong fast. It was the death card. It means change guys. It means abrupt, dramatic, life-changing changes are afoot. And, that’s when I turned psychic. With a message from Spirit via a Tarot card.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Little Bit of Channeling on Christmas Morning

Happy Christmas everybody.  I've been working on my January Newsletter and took some time out for the guides to do some personal channeling for me.  I thought you might be interested in what they had to say to me. 

There are any number of ways that a person might specialize in a psychic awareness. It could be psychic hits or impressions as you sometimes experience. It might be more along the lines of colors or music. You might read the written word of old or Akashic records. On a more spiritual tangent it might be said that you can ask for the company of entities who do good work along those lines.

Spirituality can be defined as the development and growth of a person toward their higher self. If you can define all of life as spiritual, the people, the animals, the fish, the fowl, the bugs, the plants, the soil, the rocks, the water and the very air you breathe as a part of the same spiritual awareness you can begin to understand how a shaman might be able to interpret signs.

If you speak another language you can understand others who speak to you in that tongue. If you suggest to yourself and endeavor to learn the language of spirit depending upon your own teachings and present view of reality you could learn to understand messages that come to your from afar. Afar actually being quite close to hand, but because it is made known to you from an unknown place, from an invisible place could be considered to be from a place other than where you stand right now.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Does It Feel Like to Channel?

Hi everybody. I got an email the other day with a question I remember having myself when I learned how to channel. I figured this information will be helpful for others so I am passing it along with the personal info removed...It was such a nice email too, I left in the compliments!

Here's the email: I found your site a few days ago and I just wanted to tell you that I love it. I have been trying to work with my guides for about a month now. I write down a question in my journal and then I try a calm myself down and say a prayer. Then after awhile I start to write what comes to me.

Do you feel different in a good way when you are channeling? I'm still learning to trust myself, is it one of those things that the more you do it the more you learn to trust? Thanks again for your website.

And, my answer: In the beginning you might feel "different" when you are channeling. In fact, many people try to set up some atmosphere that will say to them: this is my channeling time. Like a special notebook, a quiet place in the house or garden. Just something special. After you've been doing it for awhile you don't need anything special and can channel standing on your head. In fact, one of the best places for me to channel when I was learning was in the bathroom. It's relatively quiet and you've got some privacy.

As far as how do you feel later on once you've been channeling awhile? You really don't feel any different than you do normally. It's like in the beginning you are working with entirely different energies and maybe you get buzzing in your ears or tingling across the band of your forehead. Later on, nothing like that. You just channel. It becomes such a natural part of your life that you even begin taking it for granted.

I will, if I am channeling for someone, close my eyes, take a deep breath to settle myself, reach inwardly for calm and the higher energies. Mostly, I'm chicken, so this is a technique for me to get over self consciousness...then, I open my mouth. It just comes out.

To help in the beginning for verbal channeling what you might do is start it yourself by sounding out a note...or singing...or humming. Then, you pretend. Pretend is very important. Pretend that you are handing over the use of your voice to your guide and whatever comes out is okay, no matter what it is. Specifically, for these early exercises make the silent agreement with your guides (whether you can hear them or not) that what comes out of your mouth can be nonsense. No doom and gloom. No holy messages. Nothing like that. In fact, for the entire first year you are channeling don't buy into any of that. There's too much of you in the mix and what it really is, and will always be is a mix of what you want to say, what you want your guides to be saying and what they are trying to say. It's called wishful channeling.

So, the goal is to be able to allow your guide the room to say something useful. They can't do it while you are in the way. So, you need to relax. You need to not be self conscious. You must, underline, must make the commitment to pay attention to your own mental and emotional health and take very proactive and necessary steps to address all that. These guides will be pushing your buttons and you can't be a good channel for either yourself or anybody else if you're battling depression, sore emotional spots, whatever. Don't resist growing. Don't try to make it all go away. You need to be healthy. Make the commitment to do something about it by either seeing a psychotherapist when it seems appropriate, definitely keeping a journal and don't try to pigeon hole exactly what should be happening as you learn how to channel.

Everybody channels differently. Everybody comes to it differently. Sometimes people see odd bits and pieces throughout their lives but it doesn't come into this final act of channeling until they are middle-aged. At least, that's how it was for me.

Biggest thing is there are no rules for it. Play with it. Relax with it. Your guides are wonderful teachers, much respected and will be gentle with you. Stick with them for the first year. Don't go seeking haunted houses to talk to ghosts. Stick with your teacher for the first year.
Also, don't go blabbing around the messages they give to you. Remember, for awhile it's going to be skewed channeling. Even now I don't trust what I channel about dieting. It's just too near and dear to my own heart. I will take the guides advice for myself and it has been helpful, but I'm not sure about for other people, so I don't pass on that info when it comes. Unless I think it is absolutely terrific or funny.

And, they will be funny. Guides can be hilarious.

I'm so glad you wrote and asked such wonderful questions. I'm going to upload this with your specifically identifying information removed because it's a good question and one I had myself when I was learning how to channel.

Lady Skye Fyre

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Channeling About Swine Flu

This is channeling from Seth:

Whether you are feeling up to it or not usually people with jobs go to work. That means there are days when you are able to function at 100% energy levels and make the best decisions you are capable of. There are other days when with a raging headache or a backache or any other number of physical woes you stick it out. You might not be operating at your peak level of efficiency but you are there. This is representative of most people.

With the advent of the swine flu and the dangers inherent in the population of contracting this illness habits of years of work attendance are not likely to change much.

There are things you can do to minimize your exposure. Avail yourself of a face mask and wear it. Walk into a grocery store with the mask on and watch how people will get out of your way. Magically the lines before you at the cash register will dry up. Granted you won’t get any help from customer service and might even be asked to leave the store, but you will have made a point. In a county such as China people are accustomed to seeing people wearing their face masks whether they themselves have already caught the flu or are just protecting themselves from others who might have it.

Wash your hands. Be more clean at home and at work. Wipe surfaces often and don’t cough on others.

Don’t try to tough it out as you have in years past. You could be saving someone’s life.

And, remember that always, always you are safe. Your eternal body, your soul, your higher self inside you placed you here for a reason. Learn, live, love and teach. That’s your job anyway.

Our blessings and good health to you.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Speak Louder. I Can't Hear You.

Here's an email I got this week:

Hi Skye, I am a channeling student of 2 months and learning energy work. I have been able to channel and answer questions in a group setting! I am doing conscious channeling eyes closed. The problem is if I cannot hear the question I find I cannot give the answer. I feel this is to do with confidence and I am required if I wish to continue which it is in my heart to do so that I must channel answers to a group without hearing, I do have very poor hearing. You as a practicing channeler may have some information in which a suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to drop out of my course and I also know that some things close new doors open for us. Thankyou for taking the time to read my draft.

And, my answer:

We’d all like to be unconscious channels and then it wouldn’t matter that we could hear or see or speak because we’d be flat out unconscious and therefore pretty much not in control over what comes out of our mouths when we channel. It would just lend that better edge of legitimacy to the whole thing. Nobody could call us frauds or anything!

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t like that. The majority of us are conscious channels. Which means we are conscious and as such rely upon all of our senses to channel. We just need to hear the question. I tend to shut my eyes when I channel and then I block out whatever it is that is going to distract me or alarm me or just get in the way of the channeling. But, I also feel sort of vulnerable in that position because I just can’t see the people I’m channeling for. Still, after all my years of channeling I haven’t gotten to a nice place where I am comfortable channeling for others. So, I don’t do it much. If you count in the last 2 months I might have channeled in person for 2 people. There was a time when I could channel for more people but I was never comfortable doing that, so I stopped. What I do now is to respond to emails, write blogs, and work on my website.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Being Psychic in the Office

Here is an example of how being a channel is a plus.

Last week I stood at the fax machine waiting for my transmission to complete. As I prepared to move away from the machine my guide said that it needed paper. I opened the drawer to the fax machine and saw there were only 2 sheets of paper left.

Then, I misplaced a very important bunch of papers. I was pawing through all the piles around me looking for these documents. Pissed? Yes. Very, very much so. And, with it came a sense of the frantic. What was going through my head was how very important those papers were and what an ass I was to be so careless with them. Not exactly what I would think would be an ideal time to delve into that very quiet psychic space for some help from the guides.

I deliberately moved out into the middle of our office, took a deep breath and said to myself and to my guide, “Help me.” I began to turn and as I looked over to where I usually sit my guide said, “Over there.” I had already checked that area, but I moved slowly back to my desk and zeroed in on where the ding donged papers were hiding. Sitting on their edges with a pile of other stuff to lead me astray were the papers.

It has been my experience that when I was panicky, when I was distracted, when I was in a big fat hurry that the voice of Spirit didn’t speak. In the beginning when I asked my guide for help in finding something I expected and wanted badly to hear really specific directions on where to go and what to do. Actually, a lot of the time now I still expect the same thing, but I think I’m learning to calm down about it. Anyway, what I expect and want to hear from the guides is sort of like, “Look to the right of your sitting area, lodged against the side of your desk is where you will find these important papers of yours.” That’s not really what happens.

When I get panicky the voices I hear quiet and just aren’t there like they normally are. So, I’m beginning to get the idea that with distraction, with panicky feelings, with my not being in what I consider to be the ideal psychic state my connection with Spirit is also going to be altered. What happened with finding those papers was more along the lines of my willingness to shift into the idea that I could allow Spirit to actually direct where my eyes were going to see, to be in such accord, even in a frantic state, to have such faith that they would still help me find what I was looking for and in slowly revolving in the office as I faced my desk I got, “Over there.” That was good enough for me. I moved to my desk and stood there quietly and that was when I got the specificity I needed. My eyes moved to where that bitty bunch of stuff was wedged between the edge of my desk and the thingie that held my pencils and stuff like that.

Such is the life of a psychic in the office.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Did It Go Away?

I received this email yesterday and I feel people reading this blog and working with their own psychci development would benefit from it. I have deleted personal references so anonomity is retained.

The email I received: Ever since I was a little girl I have always believed in spirit guides. I have been meditating for a long time and I remember when I was younger I could talk out loud and hear responses that no one eles could, but I didn't tell anyone I didn't want them to think I was crazy, but I can't seem to do it anymore I can use my pendulem and know that they are there and I just can't seem to hear them anymore. I've been working really hard at it and maybe I've just lost it for good or maybe I'm just not listening close enough anymore. This will sound silly but I really don't remember who or what i am listening for. Do you have any advice that could help? I am really sorry about the long drawn out details and i am sure some of them are irrelavant but I had the urge to put them down so I did. Thank you so much for you time.

My Answer:

What you ask is actually a really important question and none of the details you present are irrelevant.

I feel everyone is psychic. Not everyone believes they are psychic. We tend to have this standard in our head that if you can achieve it you are psychic. If not, then you are not psychic. For instance, I used to think if you could bend spoons then that was when you were psychic. That’s just not true.

Being “psychic” I feel is being able to reach into yourself calmly and with no fear to see what else there is to know. How do you know this other sort of information? The same way you are able to perceive the world around you. Maybe you can see (clairvoyant). Maybe you hear (clairaudient). Maybe you just know acting on a gut instinct (claircognizance). Maybe smells are more important (clairalience). Maybe touch is how you access psychic information (Clairsentience). There are more ways, but my point is that there are many ways to experience psychic knowingness.

When you were younger you experienced your connection to psychic awareness as an ability to speak with those on the other side. Who were you talking to? Interested parties who, likely, were there as your spirit guide. Or, perhaps just a person in spirit who was interested in your psychic development.

Things change for all of us as we grow and this it is no different for psychic awareness. Where you once had a connection with Spirit which involved being able to hear that connection has changed slightly now. It was never taken away. You did not lose it. It has changed slightly. In working with a pendulum you are experiencing another way of communicating with spirit. You could do the same with a Ouija board, with a deck of Tarot cards, with a bag of rune stones, with automatic writing. The list is long. The connection is there. It never went away. You just grew up.

My suggestion? Stop worrying about it. Continue to meditate, but don’t obsess about it. If you want to do more than half an hour a day I feel you might do better to find a meditation coach or be prepared to help yourself. What appears to happen with really intense meditation is that in unlocking the psychic and spiritual side of life you also unlock your own psychological and emotional growth bumps in the road. It can get unsettling, but if you know what is going on you will be fine. How you know that you’ve hit a psychological bump in the road is different for everyone. You might get unusually irritated with people. You might cry more. You might be unexplainably angry.

I can tell when I start hitting my own psychological bumps. I start to attract bad drivers like crazy. I’m not kidding. It’s uncanny, actually. But, that’s my own signal that something isn’t quite right. Do I really attract them? No. I think I just get really impatient with how everybody is driving and it bothers me and that is my own signal to seek out a quiet place at my first opportunity and ask myself the question, “What’s going on? What issue deep in my heart and gut needs the light of day for healing and understanding?” Then, I relax and wait for the first thing to come up.

The issues can present themselves to me as a memory of something that happened to me years ago. It could come as a word that floats to the surface of my awareness or even as a sudden knowingness of what went wrong a long time ago. And, as an adult I can react to whatever it was with freedom rather than how I reacted as a child where I could not react appropriately. For instance your memory is of being a kid and of being afraid that you will lose your mother. You’ll be lost and this is terribly upsetting to you. So, you have something about abandonment you need to think about. I am not a psychotherapist, but this is what I do. Part of it is called focusing. The creator of the technique is Eugene Gendlin. You can look it up for more information. But, in a nutshell I would have touched upon the current thing that is up for me to look at. Abandonment. As an adult I know that I can read a map and know where I am. I know I can ask for directions. I know I have control over many aspects of my life that I did not have control over when I was a kid. So, as the mature and responsible adult I can also visualize the frightened kid and say to her, “Hey, it’s okay to be angry. I understand. I’m here and can help you now.” Stuff like that. Also, if the kid in you is really very upset maybe you can envision them standing on a table with a plastic bat beating the crap out of the table. It helps to take the edge off.

This sort of work gets easier as you do it more often. And, interestingly these issues that come up will continue to come up throughout your life. You work on an issue for awhile, are happy with the results and 3 years down the road your higher self decides it is time to work on it or something else now that you are stronger and better equipped to take care of it.

My advice would be to start journaling if you aren’t already. Just blather it out on paper, anything and everything under the sun. It helps with emotional healing. If the stuff coming up confuses you and causes you distress go get some psychological help with it. Even psychics….especially psychics, in order to be effective as psychics and happy in their lives, might think about making a commitment to take care of their emotional and psychological well being. Interestingly, having made that commitment to yourself and to the universe sometimes psychic development is accelerated.

When I first learned to channel at the ripe old age of 35 I thought I wasn’t doing it “right”. What came for me first was a connection to Spirit via a deck of Tarot cards. Then through dreams and meditation. It was about that time that I also began my own journey of emotional and psychological healing. Then, after many months of trying, I finally made what I felt was a really solid connection with my spirit guide through use of a Ouija board. Within a week and a half I was anticipating the answers coming through on the Ouija board. I thought I’d gone nuts and was making up the whole thing and with that thought my guide spoke to me for the first time. He said to me, “Go outside. I have something to say to you.” I went out onto our patio where it was quieter than inside the house and he said in a perfectly clear voice, as if he were standing next to me, “You can hear me now.” That’s how it was changing for me. Within a month’s time the sense of hearing changed somehow to a voice in my head rather than one at my side. The hearing went inside which actually was a relief because I was forever turning around to see who was talking behind me in those early days.

It’s all a developing thing. It was this way before. Now, it is this other way. You did not lose it. It has merely changed a little bit.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playing the Slots

When I first started channeling it did not occur to me to ask my guide questions relating to personal gain. It just didn’t seem right. I also believed every little thing Seth had to say to me.

As time went by when I realized that some of the information coming from Seth was flawed somehow. My first thought, and a devastating one it was, was that Seth was lying to me. Or, I thought that I wasn’t talking to Seth anymore, but had gotten hold of some sort of evil and demonic spirit that was all set to jerk me around.

Turns out I thought wrong. It was Seth all the time, but he was teaching me as only a Spirit Guide will. They do jerk you around sometimes. It has something to do with delivering the word, “No” or some sort of negative or disappointing news to the student. I used to clam up. The connection between Spirit Guide and me distinigrated and all because Seth had told me a truth which I really didn’t want to hear.

So, in order (I figured later) for the Spirit Guide to most effectively teach me he had to spin a good yarn.

This is why I tell people don’t believe everything you hear from your Guide.

And, who knows, you might be different than me.

In any case, the other thing that played a huge role in what was going on when I first learned to channel was my own emotional and psychological well being. You almost have to unhook and then rehook back up again with a new view of reality.

For instance. At the time I was believing that in order to make spiritual points I needed to be good. Then, God would love me. If I didn’t do anything then maybe He didn’t think about me anymore. Also, I was convinced God was male. There was a lot of tension involved with the way I thought about God.

Gradually, I began to let go of the things I believed, of my view of reality, that it really doesn’t matter what I believed and that there is no one way to be saved. Everybody is saved whether they are Christian or not no matter what they believe. And, I loosened up with judgment and payback and just desserts and stuff like that. Commit a crime, something bad, hurt somebody and the minute you die you will be reviewing your life and feeling what you did to the other party. Also, you will be learning more about it in lifetimes to come. The answer to that is to take responsibility of your life. Act in a mature manner and quit hurting yourself and other people. Also, you can make the world a better place and start with your neighbor if you actually want some direction.

Apart from changing and shifting the things I believed I thought another thing had to take place for the information coming from Seth to be useful and valid. I had to go see a shrink. See how my early learning shows up here? In my family nobody needed to consult with anyone from the psychological community. We were perfect and if you were having problems, well then, you could just straighten up and fly right. It was a shameful thing to have to go see a psychotherapist. It just wasn’t done in my family. Consequently, I believe we all experienced a lot of pain.

Anyway, I spent awhile seeing a psychotherapist and it helped immensely. I developed a bit of a backbone. I was happier. I was writing. And, I was channeling like a champ.

To this day, however, I know that I still have my sore spots and likely will have them all my life. You work on your inner problems a bit, things ease up for awhile, and when you are ready to handle the next stage you get to work on your inner problems again. I had thought in the beginning that once fixed, fixed for all time. No, these are life lessons. Be grateful rather than depressed about them.

In any case, I don’t channel advice from Seth or any of the other Folk in Spirit about dieting. It is too easily skewed by my own psychological sore spots.

One of the biggest lessons I ever learned about channeling was that the information coming out of my mouth from Spirit was colored by my own belief systems and by my own psychological and emotional well being. If you can remember that you will be on your way, I think, to being a pretty good channel.

So, after such a long yarn this morning, the point I wanted to make was to rationalize why I was accepting advice from my Spirit Guide this morning while I was playing the slots on the computer.

This game is from my friend’s site. It’s at and I can really aggravate my carpel tunnel syndrome as I sit there for a loooong time pressing the buttons. So, still harking back to the idea that having much personal gain is not a good thing and certainly playing the slots is one of those no-no items on the list I hesitantly reached out in a psychic way to my Guide to see if he might be inclined to help me this morning. Not that I would hie myself off to Las Vegas to make a killing, but just for fun you see. Just to see if I was a good channel.

It worked! But, the important thing here was that I was not understanding what he was saying. This is key. After all these years of channeling I can still mess up. Seth was saying, “Up” and I was hitting the up button to make the wheel roll forward. I wasn’t winning. Then, I realized he meant to go after the fruits above where the wheel had stopped and I should be hitting the down button.

A minor misunderstanding, but for me key to getting the communication to go in a better direction.

So, my recommendation to anybody out there learning how to channel is not to sweat it when the info coming in from your Spirit Guide is weird or skewed somehow. Do a quick self inventory to see if you are okay psychologically. How to do that? In a nutshell ask yourself. It's called Focusing. Look it up. Anyway, that is one technique. Just don't get your panties in a bunch. Also, don't be sharing this information with anybody in that first year. It's too easily skewed for everybody. Like if someone in Spirit says to you, "The guy who lives down the block is going to have a terrible accident if you don't go over there right now and tell him to be careful." Don't buy into that. I know. It happened to me. Just chill out.

Look for fun ways (like playing the slots together) to practice your channeling skills. Get your guide to tell you a story that you already know. That way you are focusing on their words and trying to maintian your concentration for longer and longer periods of time. Meditation helps here. A funny? Just now? I wrote medication rather than meditation. Ha.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are You Frightened?

There are a couple of ways you can be when you awaken your psychic abilities. You can be calm, curious and eager or you can be flatout hair-raising scared. It is entirely your choice which you will be. I can understand how paralyzing being scared can be, but this is one of those underlying belief systems that just has to go if you want to fully awaken and enjoy your psychic abilities. It boils down to the idea that you are not a victim.

I can understand at first glance there might be some confusion over trying to connect these two ideas , but let me make an attempt here to explain. The idea that you are not a victim actually has farther reaching consequences than merely shifting scared to not scared. When you are more in the mode of thinking that you are not a victim thinking about, mulling over, obsessing on the past moves from number one activity to number seventy two. This gives you more time to pay attention to your life and living it rather than obsessing over the past.

Here’s an example. You get mugged and your purse is stolen. This frightens you and for the next 10 years you are nervous about carrying a purse. You do more than be normally alert as you walk on the city streets. Instead you clutch your purse carefully to your side. You are constantly aware of people around you. You flinch if someone goes by you too closely. You are basically still being affected by the mugging that happened many years ago. You also tell the story often to people. You think to yourself, “Why did this happen? Why me? It could happen again. I have to be careful.” It has pretty much affected a lot of how you live your life.

And, here’s the other side of the coin. You get mugged and your purse is stolen. You report the crime. You do what you need to do about replacing your credit cards and identification. And, you let it go. You don’t think of yourself as a victim. You don’t think, “Why me?” Instead, you try to get your mind around the idea of this was something that your higher self decided was going to be a real good learning opportunity. If you’re thinking opportunity instead of victim you might think this would be a good time to do a little psychological self-tuning.

So, this incident pushed a few of your fear buttons. Go be quiet and private for 15 minutes and as you relax you ask yourself the question of, “What is here for me to look at?” Pay attention to the answers that come to you. They will come as flashes of insight, as little visions, as a voice from your heart. How do you know you got an answer? Your body will relax. It will feel like a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You will be able to take a really deep breath. Tension will fall away and you will feel altogether a great deal better. This is your body telling you that you got the right answer.

Embracing this idea will enable you to look at the odd things that happen during a psychic awakening and when you are first learning how to channel in a way that leans more toward curiosity and eagerness than to a frightening experience. Remember that when you are frightened your reality is seen through fright and when you are calm your reality is seen through serenity.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Trickster - An Email

This is an email I got this afternoon that I thought would probably help a lot of people.

I'd be so grateful if you'd help me out a little bit with this but several years ago I had a ouija board, which I had successifly gotten to work for only me in a couple of months and I communicated with Rare, who mind you is a trickster and loves to laugh about my problems, Grrrr! lol Its been quite awhile and I've stopped useing the board, but I still feel as if I'm communicating with him through my head.

Like for the longest time I would have these written conversations with "him" and also even as I write this, He's conversing through one of my fingers. I'd only spoken this to one person before who tried to explain to me that it was just my over imagination working on me again. Or my depression, very very mild depression, which come to think of it I wouldn't have gotten through without Rare telling me I was being stupid. (I had conversed with him before they told me I was depressed)

I'm just confused as if I could be conversing with the trickster through the ouija board or if he is just some sort of figure of my imagination. He's mad that I keep saying he's fake, but I'm just now coming to this conclusion. I would just like to see your views on this subject and see if I, whom has no privacy in my head at all!!!!!!, do have a possiblity of channeling or whatever it is that's going on in my head. Thank you so much for your taking the time to read this

And, my answer:

Good questions! Yes, this is channeling and for it to move from Ouijia, to written, to telepathic, to fingers, and back again is normal. But, you are in the early days. If your guide is a trickster this is not the level entity that you want to be communicating with, fun though it is at times. Think of your spiritual development and how this is tied up with that. Would you fool around with it? So, this is not game time, it’s serious business.

So, what to do now? Make the commitment to yourself and to your guide that you will stop being entranced with the trickster end of things. You’re no help to yourself nor can you be of help to anybody else if you allow the level of your channeling to remain in the lower levels. Don’t get me wrong, talking to folks at all levels of the astral is interesting. I do it all the time. But, I also know where the most serious stuff needs to be attended to and that is with the highest vibrations you can imagine. Aim high. In the beginning this is important.

Also, it is not at all unusual for the drama to be very high in the beginning. As you settle down the drama tapers off too.

Now, does this mean you have to turn your guide in and get a new one? No. Your guide is bending to the lowest common denominator which is you inching around in the lower astral planes. If you smart up he or she will also treat you differently. It’s like anything else. We view our reality through our belief systems and if you think all there is for you is fun house spooks that’s all there will be. Believe me, you have a very nice guide, a very learned guide and as soon as you show yourself to be ready they will act with you in a more guide like fashion.

Now, the bit about being depressed? Tend to that. Right away. Whenever you open to the spiritual places you also immediately step up to the more mature and responsible plate of being open to your own spiritual, emotional and psychological growth and healing. In a nutshell? Opening to spiritual stuff really ends up pushing your buttons and if you try to ignore the signs that you need a bit of help at times via a therapist you will really be in for a rough and tough time. It’s like when you open spiritually you don’t end up doing it to be self serving so much as you do it to help other people and you can’t help other people unless you are healthy in your head and heart.

So, get a move on and have your depression looked at.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Loosen Up

This is an interesting exercise I just did to put me into a channeling sort of mood. It’s sort of like taking a spelling test. Just word by word. The “rules” were that none of the words had to make any sense. And, as the list grew at number 26 they started saying two words which quickly moved to three words which did sort of make sense taken together. I realized how this could be a really good exercise for somebody who was new to channeling.
Add Image

I remember getting real tense when I was first channeling expecting and wanting everything that was said to make some sort of sense. It didn’t always and I would sometimes feel exhausted with trying to get it right. Then, trying too hard it all dissolved into nothing and I couldn’t get anything at all. So, since this little exercise worked for me just to sort of loosen me up I figured it might work for those of you out there who are new to channeling or, who like myself, just need to loosen up channeling muscles and get back into the groove again.

So, all you do is sit there with pen or pencil in hand. Calm yourself. Meditate a bit if you want to. Center. Ask that you speak with your guide...or, that your guide say some words for you to write, one by one. And, wait. The "hearing" can come so very softly that you just sort of think you are even dreaming. The word, "River" goes by. It's not hooked up with anything. It's not anything you were just thinking of. Could this have been your word? You're not sure. But, the "rules" are to write down the words you think your guide is saying to you. So, you write down, "River" on the list.

Next word. Nothing. Take a deep breath. Center. Calm. "Bird" Center. Calm. "Fritter". Write it down. Center. Calm. "Mechanic". They're starting to come faster. This is wierd. This isn't talking. It's just a bunch of words. Fine. That's what it's supposed to be. A list of words your guide is saying to you and you are writing down.

Here’s my list:

wild flowers
this and that
taken with you
we will carry
this to you
all the way
without fuss or muss
taken to the limit
threshold of pain
capacity to love
good plans

I have to tell you I argued with them to take the first word off. I didn't figure I wanted Sex to be the first word my guide said to me. But, I lost the argument. The reasons being I am honest in this blog. That really was the first word they said to me. And, as embarrassing as it is it might be on your list too. I didn't want you to feel wierd.

And, you could continue on and realize that as the list gets longer the words begin to make sense and it just could morph into a nice channeling session.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Another E-Mail I Got

Here is an email I got in response to the post I made below this one on April 4, 2009:

I have been reading your 'How to channel blog' for a while now, and I want to thank you very much for all the useful advice you give on it. In this last post you wrote about the voices in your head, you mention this person has a spotty connection with their guides and suggest they strengthen it.

My question is, how? I have read, S. Roman's book and done the exercises, and I don't know if there is any more I can do other than just being persistent and wait. I am up to the point where I can sense my guides around me, but so far I haven't been able to hear them or connect in any other way. Do you have any other exercises you could suggest? I do the children's rhyme sometimes, and I also talk to myself quite a bit, but I don't know how else I can play with them. Any advice?

And, here is my answer;

It sounds to me like you’re on the threshold of being able to communicate with your guides. With me, when I was at that spot, I took the bird shot approach and just peppered my efforts with all sorts of ways to connect. At the time it didn’t seem like any of them were working. In retrospect they all contributed a little bit.

When I spoke of a spotty connection I meant it’s sort of on and off at times which happened to me in the beginning. Just early days, that’s all. It does get stronger.

So, the one thing you can hang your hat on and count as the number one sign that you are making it is the fact that you sense your guide every once in awhile. I realize that you’ve likely got more than one guide, but for the time being focus on the idea that there is just one to meet. It’s sort of like being at a party. If you’re talking to one person you can devote your attention to them. If you’re talking to more than one person your attention is divided. So, for the purposes of the next while just pretend you’re talking to one guide. The other one will not be offended in any way and later on once your connection is real firm you can talk to everybody. But, in the beginning just to one quide.

However, many times these guys will talk and refer to themselves as we. Seth explained to me it's sort of like a choral effect...many guides joined together into one guide's voice. Just figure it's one guide even when they say we.

And, here are some suggestions:

1. If you are not already doing it begin keeping a private journal. It can be on your computer, it can be in a notebook. It can be in both places. The point is to just pour your heart out. As you move into a space where you are going to be talking to your guide you are also moving forward with your own emotional and psychological growth. Keeping a journal can help over some of the bumps. It’s not so much that you have to read what you wrote, it’s just the idea of getting it out.

2. Try having a pretend conversation with your guide on paper. You can write both parts for awhile and maybe at some point it will feel like what you’re writing is almost like having your thoughts flowing alongside of somebody else’s thoughts. It’s a strange feeling, but that’s how it was with me. After I got used to it the two thought streams separated and I can tell easily when a guide is speaking and I’m not just thinking something. As a warning, too, when you’ve gotten to the 2 side by side streaming thoughts stage? Sometimes the guides will say startling things, things you would never say in a million years. This is to further point out to you that you are not thinking this, but a guide is speaking just to help you begin to tell the difference.

· YOU: Hi. I haven’t heard from you this morning.

· GUIDE: You did not initiate a conversation. We had nothing to say.

· YOU: I thought you would at least say hello.

· GUIDE: (silence)

· YOU: Are you there?

· GUIDE: Of course.

· YOU: I can’t sense you right now.

· GUIDE: You are communicating verbally via the written word.

· YOU: Oh,

· GUIDE: Do you understand?

· YOU: No.

· GUIDE: (silence)

· YOU: Are you there?

· GUIDE: Yes, did you think I was going to disappear?

· YOU: No, but I thought you would have more to say.

· GUIDE: You need more time being quiet and listening.

· YOU: Thanks.

· GUIDE: You are welcome. Our blessings.

So, even though it is a pretend conversation somehow the guides came through. Just pretend they are there.

3. Something else to do is that sometimes it is effective when you are working so diligently on something to step away from it. For instance at one point I bought a piano. I can’t play. I tried to learn. It was impossible, but I felt I needed some sort of outlet more than my journaling to express myself. I might not be able to play well, but I please myself. Sometimes it even feels like I’m channeling. Just relax enough and let Spirit take me away. Anyway, after 20 minutes at my piano I come away totally refreshed and thinking a whole lot better.

4. Mostly it just takes time. Everybody is different. I know I stalled out many times. And, once the actual channeling began I was doing it in a way that was not the recommended choice in Sanaya Roman’s book, “Opening to Channel”, but it was right for me. So, I used a Ouija board. It took me 6 month’s of work for it to even move, but once it started it was like gangbusters. For 10 days I communicated with Seth via the board. Then, as each day went by I got faster and faster until my hand was flying over the board. There was no way anybody could tell what letter was being indicated anymore. That’s when I began to anticipate what was being said and it all morphed nicely into the telepathic sort of method I use now. It was the way I did it. It might not be the way others do it. But, the board was the vehicle to breaking through for me. Maybe something like that will work for you too. Interestingly, the Ouija board started working on 2/12/93. A week and a half later was when I first heard Seth’s voice in my head. That was 2/22 – the number sequence I had begun seeing some 5 years earlier when I had my first psychic awakening. See how long the process can take?

5. Read about other channelers to see how their guides speak to them. Read John Edward, read Sylvia Browne, read about how JZ Knight channels Ramtha, read Messages from Michael, read the Seth books that Jane Roberts and her husband wrote. Just read anything you can get your hands on.

6. At one point I learned how to draw. I needed to be drawing on the other side of my brain more to get myself ready for channeling.

7. Try getting some Tarot cards or a bag of Rune stones and see if that isn’t the way to get your foot in the door.

8. One of my steps was to begin reading, “A Course in Miracles”. I only ever got half way through but I’m convinced I needed to change the way I was looking at the world for the channeling to begin happening for me.

9. Always remember that learning how to channel, to connect to Spirit, puts you on the fast track for your own psychological and emotional growth and well being. Which just means that where you had worked slowly on emotional and psychological issues before now they come at you like gangbusters. That’s what the purpose of the journaling is for to help you through that. It won’t be a stage that is ever over, it’s just that it would have been easier for me to know it up front. That’s why I tell people early on in the game now. Just realize there’s no shoving problems under the carpet and hoping they’ll go away anymore. To be the best you can be means being a mature responsible person and stepping up to the plate when it involves this sort of growth. Don’t be afraid to get a self help book or even to seek out a therapist. I’ve been told transpersonal therapists might be your best bet, but anyone will really do. They can tell when folks are nuts and when they’re not.

10. And, I guess the best advice of all would be perseverance and patience. It’s almost like you’ve got to pay the dues and prove to yourself you are willing to do the work for the life changing event of channeling to take place.

11. And, finally don't work so hard at it. Try to have a balanced life going on. It really is just going to take time.

Thanks again for writing and I’m glad the blog is helping you.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

That Voice In My Head

This is an email I got the other day:

I think I might be hearing my guide in my head but I can't have a conversation with them. What happens usually is if I get angry at someone or something there is always a voice in my head which says stuff like think about it from their point of view or not to get angry at them because of some reason. But then if I think of another reason I should be angry it just answers back. It's really weired. It's like having a two sided argument in my head. What do you think? Is it just me or could it be my guide(s)?

And, here's my answer:

It’s probably your guide running interference for you. It’s a spotty connection, not real strong right now. They can come through because of your heightened emotional state. So, I think the thing to do is to be thankful you’ve got a connection, spotty though it is right now, resolve to work harder at strengthening that connection and not worry too much about the messages other than to look at your anger.

Guides are there to teach you not to tell you how to live your life. So, if you don’t get the point of what they are encouraging you to pay attention to right now, don’t worry about it so much. With me they just continued to say the same messages over and over again until I “got it”.

Your message about trying to think of what is going on in the other person’s shoes? Good one. Good lesson. I think your guide is just trying to get you to shift away from the tornado of being so angry and not being able to see much else to a place where you can be more objective about it and try to see the source of your anger.

What I’ve learned over the years is to ask myself what is bothering me when I get angry. Like I have my own personal cue of crappy drivers. When I need some personal introspective work and am not doing it, or am ignoring the signs that I need to go spend some quiet time, crappy drivers, I mean drivers who should never have gotten their driver’s licenses flock around me. They tail gate. They honk their horns at me. They buzz too close. I’m a basket case. Then, it dawns on me, “Oh, shit. I need to go see what psychological or emotional issue is up for me right now.” Takes about 10 minutes and you feel better.

Or, you could go journal for a little bit and just pour your feelings out on paper.

But, when you make a connection with Spirit a requirement is that you be the best connection you can be. You will eventually be in a position to help people and the best way you can do that is to have made a commitment to be the best you can be. That requirement includes paying attention to your own emotional and psychological health.

All of us, all of our lives work our ways through these emotional and psychological issues. Sometimes people take years to do bitty step after bitty step. The thing with talking to Guides is they step it up to a whole new level.

My advice would be to look at why you are getting so angry. Are you afraid of something? Are you in a defensive position to protect yourself? Go get a self help book and do your own fine tuning.

I hope things look up. It’s slow work. People work on their issues little bit by little bit. It’s just when you’re channeling you get to work on them more often.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where You Talk to Yourself

When a person opens psychically I think they also will be faced with changing a few of their ideas and beliefs about who is out there. When I first embarked on my own journey I had no idea that I had a higher self. I had never heard of it before. There I go wanting to talk to my guide and in steps this higher self idea. I was more afraid to talk to my higher self than I was to my guide. Go figure.

I think of the idea of higher self as the boss in charge. This is my soul. This is the part of me that endures forever. This is the part of me, the head honcho, who knows all, sees all and knows the game plan. This is the part of me that is familiar with all my incarnations, with all my foibles, with my heart, with all my husbands, all my children from all of those lifetimes and all of my wives. Notice in this scenario I’m changing gender back and forth too.

Once I tried a meditation where the intention was to meet my higher self. I have this thing about visualization that makes it all that more real to me; they call it clairvoyance. Anyway, I tend to like to “see” stuff. So, on a variation of the meet your guide meditation I, instead, journeyed off to meet my higher self. It was actually sort of humorous. My higher self towered over me to the tune of 10 feet tall. I didn’t stay long and in a truly startled fashion leaped out of the meditation quickly. I believe I had that vision since I was already sort of nervous about meeting my higher self and it all was a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy. Something like wishful channeling.

But, since that experience I’ve become more accustomed to the idea of having a higher self and it is to that higher self that a person might make their connection to spirit.

So, in trying to communicate with your guide you might start off with the idea of communicating with your higher self. Opening psychically is tough enough, but if you’re okay with the idea of talking to yourself maybe this would be a good route to take.

And, you could use a prop of sorts too. You might buy yourself a bag of Rune stones or a deck of Tarot cards. Then, as you dip into the bag to select a stone you sort of ask your higher self to guide you in the process. I’d suggest that in the beginning you do the readings for yourself. They’re going to be slow because you’ll need to learn what the cards or the stones mean. Use a book or go on the internet to help you. There are lots of tutorials out there. Learn the way of a teacher and when you are more familiar with it you’ll begin to see other meanings.

In any case, whether you stick forever with the idea of talking with your higher self or branch out and talk to your guide too, this is a way to get your foot in the door and start talking to spirit.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How You Can Approach Contact With Your Guide

One thing I kept running into when I was trying to learn how to channel was how serious it all was, both in how my approach as a student and practitioner ought to be and how Folk in Spirit responded to the questions we asked, with the exception of Seth and Michael. As time went on I learned there were others in Spirit who would joke around a bit. But, for some reason I figured they would never do it with me, that I was basically a really unworthy student who couldn’t do squat with any of the lessons I tried.

Little did I know. Now, I know a bit more about it. I know now that if I had lightened up some the whole process wouldn’t have been as heart rending as it was. Or, maybe it just had to be heart rending for me. All I know is that I wanted, with all of my heart, to have contact with my guide. And, it wasn’t happening.

Well, it didn’t happen how I thought it was going to happen. But, it was already happening even when I didn’t think it was happening.

Now I get emails from people whose experiences seem to echo my own. It’s like they are almost grieving from a broken heart trying to talk to their guides. They tell me that they think they hear the odd word or two, or they have these thoughts that spring out of nowhere, but no, that couldn’t be their guide. Well, all I have to say is it is. Those are legitimate contacts with your guide. Nothing really got said, but you are certainly on the right track.

Okay, so now you are thinking to yourself that these things have happened to you too. You plan on redoubling your efforts to deepen the connection with your guide. Why not stop beating yourself up about it and in addition to trusting that your guide is there and sort of talking to you also begin to trust yourself more. What you can do at this cross roads is to get real quiet and pose this question to yourself: What can I do now?

Here are some possible answers:
Keep a journal
Remember and record your dreams
Doodle with the idea that your guide, if so inclined, could doodle along with you
Play an instrument
Start exercising
Do some soul searching

Whatever answers you get can come to you as visual pictures and could be more along the lines of a flash, or the errant thought, or even a nicely strung together sentence that makes sense. I’ve had them come to me in all these ways. I guess it just depends, but at least you might know what to expect.

You can also use this technique when something is bothering you. For more information go look up focusing on the internet. I hope this helps you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dreams and How They Can Change As You Open Psychically

It’s interesting that before I learned to channel my dreams were always me and whoever was chasing me at that moment. It never failed. I don’t think I’d had a relatively nice or ordinary dream in years. Once I’d opened psychically and had begun to channel the tempo and makeup of my dreams changed dramatically.

One thing is that the guides were forever showing up. No longer was it me and somebody else, now it was me and a cast of many. Sometimes I knew they were guides, other times I’d be less aware in the dreams and they’d take on the guise of characters. Whatever was up for my subconscious at that point in time to create a dream subject about. I remember once I had a bad dream. There were several men who had hold of me in the dream. I was afraid. They were trying to manhandle me and get me to go somewhere I didn’t want to go.

When I awakened I knew that those had been guides. I had it out with them right then. I said, “Hey, why did you do that to me?” And, they said quietly, “Why didn’t you say no?” So, they’re always teaching.

There have been times too when I actually start channeling in my dreams. That is very, very interesting. Other times when Folk in Spirit come to visit with me. These visitors also include animals.

And, of course, I have the regular garden variety dreams. Last night I had a Tribble in my dream. Remember Captain Kirk and the Tribbles? Yes. Only this one had very, very sharp teeth. I had to keep dodging it while it wanted to take a hunk out of me. I'll have to think on that one for awhile to try to figure out what it was about. Could the Tribble have been a guide? Somebody just said to me, "Only on Planet Zeebo."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Learning How to Channel - Some of the Steps

When I was learning how to channel I was never really very sure about whether or not I was attaining the correct mood in order for things to proceed like they said they would in the book. Actually, I was the worst student ever because nothing I seemed to do would work. All I wanted to do was to talk to my guide. I wasn’t particularly sure of what I wanted to say so I wouldn’t say there was much focused direction in that area. I just wanted to talk to him. For some reason I always figured that my guide was going to be a he. I don’t know why that was. It turned out Seth was a he, but that was either coincidence or maybe somehow I knew. I don’t know. I’m not going to look into the matter too deeply because I don’t think it really matters.

Here are some of the things I did. Some worked in the end, though I didn’t know they were working at the time. Some may have never have provided much of a significant boost to the process. I don’t know. I tried a lot of things.

I consciously tried to raise my energies. It actually felt very much like trying to take a dump only higher. Same degree of effort. I probably tried too hard. It’s interesting but I can hear the guides laughing. They come and go sometimes. Anyway, they’re sort of chuckling and snorting away in the background.

So, that was one thing I did. Another was to listen to music. That was useful. It also helps me to write. I’ve been doing this now for 15 years or so. Very useful stuff. I put on the headphones, close my eyes and I’m in another world. Although it is my chosen route to both channel and write my own stuff, when I am in a writing mode I think that I hang onto consciousness a little tighter. With channeling I let go. It’s like having sex I think. You’ve really got to let go and allow the process to happen even though it almost feels sometimes like you’re getting ready to hurl yourself off of a cliff.

Another thing I did was to use stones to help me move along. Some seemed to help while others didn’t seem to do much. I think they’re pretty and so will often pocket one that draws my attention when I’m getting dressed to go to work. The first stone I went out and bought a lot of was moldavite. I do think that helped. It’s supposed to help you along your spiritual path. I also got rutilated quartz which is good for channeling. Lots of others: citrine for digestion, blue stones are good for the throat chakra which has to do with speaking, with communicating, for writers. Lots of pretty blue stones: lapis, sodalite, sapphire if you have one. Jasper for calming.

I learned how to draw. Funny as it seems I wasn’t really aware that this was going to prove helpful, but it did. It draws upon another area of your brain and sort of sets you up for being ready for the shift.

Because shift it is. After the first honeymoon phase which can last a year you’ll settle down back into normal again. Then, life will feel about the same as it did before except that you can talk to Elvis if you want to. It will seem normal to you. In fact, there are all sorts of Folk in Spirit that you’ll be able to talk to. It makes for interesting conversations all around. They will even be in your dreams. They’ve been in mine for years.

What I learned after I learned to channel is that every single thing I did was important for me to do whether it seemed to be furthering the cause along at the time or not. The number one most important thing that I did during that time was to keep a journal and just barf all over the pages. This wasn’t anything to save for posterity. This was just emotional and psychological healing. See, when you go after channeling as a goal you are setting yourself up to be in a position to help others eventually. In order to do that you need to be in a good head and heart space. Start journaling. You won’t regret it.

Another thing I did was to pretend. Kids have the right idea. Just play with it, especially after you’ve made first contact. Be respectful, but consider that you’re in grade school. You need to play. Make up games with your guide that will allow you to solidify the connection between you. It’s energy. It takes muscles you’ve not used before. You’ll get a buzz on sometimes with it. But, it will settle down so that you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Oh, and don’t be afraid. If you bring superstitious ideas to the table. If you think evil is a real and threatening thing step back from the entire process. You aren’t mature enough for it. You need to be an old soul who is willing to be open minded and not be gullible, or at least too gullible. In the beginning contact with Spirit is going to upset the apple cart in your head. And, just as when you start meditation for the first time all your subconscious is going to move into really active mode and present you with odd, frightening and anything horrible it can to prevent you from doing it. Keep meditating through the weird stuff and the same with channeling. Channel right through it. It will calm down eventually in both cases.

Here’s what I’m talking about. You just start channeling and you know you are channeling with your guide. Number one thing is not to go channeling Babe Ruth, or Elvis or your Aunt Maude who died 10 years ago. Channel your guide only, only, only. For the first year. Then, you can branch out and talk to others in Spirit. Anyway, already sure that you are talking to your guide he’s probably going to tell you to run out at 2 in the morning, bare assed naked to the street light on the corner and start dancing or the entire town will be blown to pieces. Weird shit. Don’t buy into it. Something like that happens and you say to your guide, “Why are you saying this to me? What do I really need to be talking about with you?” And, he will say to you, “I wanted you to realize you don’t have to buy into everything I say. I want you to realize that your buttons are being pushed here. You are turning over earth in your head and heart that hasn’t yet seen the light of day and there are nightmares there. Anything that bothers you psychologically is going to be exposed and whatever you channel will be filtered through that the same as how you move about in your every day life. Normally you are able to exercise coping mechanisms because you know subconsciously how to adjust. You’ve been doing it for years. Now, however, this channeling is new to you and you’re not sure how to react.”

“Because it is necessary for you to be the best you will serve yourself better by being willing to seek psychological guidance. Or cope better. But, the mature thing to do, the thing that will help you move along your spiritual path in a positive and direct direction will be to recognize that you need help. Our blessings.”

Okay…I’m back again. Dip in and out of it sometimes. It’s a process. There’s lots more that I didn’t talk about. These are the things that came to mind this morning. I suppose I ought to write a book.

One other thing is that while the guides are terrific teachers it is a rather unusal way of teaching. At least it was for me.