Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dreams and How They Can Change As You Open Psychically

It’s interesting that before I learned to channel my dreams were always me and whoever was chasing me at that moment. It never failed. I don’t think I’d had a relatively nice or ordinary dream in years. Once I’d opened psychically and had begun to channel the tempo and makeup of my dreams changed dramatically.

One thing is that the guides were forever showing up. No longer was it me and somebody else, now it was me and a cast of many. Sometimes I knew they were guides, other times I’d be less aware in the dreams and they’d take on the guise of characters. Whatever was up for my subconscious at that point in time to create a dream subject about. I remember once I had a bad dream. There were several men who had hold of me in the dream. I was afraid. They were trying to manhandle me and get me to go somewhere I didn’t want to go.

When I awakened I knew that those had been guides. I had it out with them right then. I said, “Hey, why did you do that to me?” And, they said quietly, “Why didn’t you say no?” So, they’re always teaching.

There have been times too when I actually start channeling in my dreams. That is very, very interesting. Other times when Folk in Spirit come to visit with me. These visitors also include animals.

And, of course, I have the regular garden variety dreams. Last night I had a Tribble in my dream. Remember Captain Kirk and the Tribbles? Yes. Only this one had very, very sharp teeth. I had to keep dodging it while it wanted to take a hunk out of me. I'll have to think on that one for awhile to try to figure out what it was about. Could the Tribble have been a guide? Somebody just said to me, "Only on Planet Zeebo."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Learning How to Channel - Some of the Steps

When I was learning how to channel I was never really very sure about whether or not I was attaining the correct mood in order for things to proceed like they said they would in the book. Actually, I was the worst student ever because nothing I seemed to do would work. All I wanted to do was to talk to my guide. I wasn’t particularly sure of what I wanted to say so I wouldn’t say there was much focused direction in that area. I just wanted to talk to him. For some reason I always figured that my guide was going to be a he. I don’t know why that was. It turned out Seth was a he, but that was either coincidence or maybe somehow I knew. I don’t know. I’m not going to look into the matter too deeply because I don’t think it really matters.

Here are some of the things I did. Some worked in the end, though I didn’t know they were working at the time. Some may have never have provided much of a significant boost to the process. I don’t know. I tried a lot of things.

I consciously tried to raise my energies. It actually felt very much like trying to take a dump only higher. Same degree of effort. I probably tried too hard. It’s interesting but I can hear the guides laughing. They come and go sometimes. Anyway, they’re sort of chuckling and snorting away in the background.

So, that was one thing I did. Another was to listen to music. That was useful. It also helps me to write. I’ve been doing this now for 15 years or so. Very useful stuff. I put on the headphones, close my eyes and I’m in another world. Although it is my chosen route to both channel and write my own stuff, when I am in a writing mode I think that I hang onto consciousness a little tighter. With channeling I let go. It’s like having sex I think. You’ve really got to let go and allow the process to happen even though it almost feels sometimes like you’re getting ready to hurl yourself off of a cliff.

Another thing I did was to use stones to help me move along. Some seemed to help while others didn’t seem to do much. I think they’re pretty and so will often pocket one that draws my attention when I’m getting dressed to go to work. The first stone I went out and bought a lot of was moldavite. I do think that helped. It’s supposed to help you along your spiritual path. I also got rutilated quartz which is good for channeling. Lots of others: citrine for digestion, blue stones are good for the throat chakra which has to do with speaking, with communicating, for writers. Lots of pretty blue stones: lapis, sodalite, sapphire if you have one. Jasper for calming.

I learned how to draw. Funny as it seems I wasn’t really aware that this was going to prove helpful, but it did. It draws upon another area of your brain and sort of sets you up for being ready for the shift.

Because shift it is. After the first honeymoon phase which can last a year you’ll settle down back into normal again. Then, life will feel about the same as it did before except that you can talk to Elvis if you want to. It will seem normal to you. In fact, there are all sorts of Folk in Spirit that you’ll be able to talk to. It makes for interesting conversations all around. They will even be in your dreams. They’ve been in mine for years.

What I learned after I learned to channel is that every single thing I did was important for me to do whether it seemed to be furthering the cause along at the time or not. The number one most important thing that I did during that time was to keep a journal and just barf all over the pages. This wasn’t anything to save for posterity. This was just emotional and psychological healing. See, when you go after channeling as a goal you are setting yourself up to be in a position to help others eventually. In order to do that you need to be in a good head and heart space. Start journaling. You won’t regret it.

Another thing I did was to pretend. Kids have the right idea. Just play with it, especially after you’ve made first contact. Be respectful, but consider that you’re in grade school. You need to play. Make up games with your guide that will allow you to solidify the connection between you. It’s energy. It takes muscles you’ve not used before. You’ll get a buzz on sometimes with it. But, it will settle down so that you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Oh, and don’t be afraid. If you bring superstitious ideas to the table. If you think evil is a real and threatening thing step back from the entire process. You aren’t mature enough for it. You need to be an old soul who is willing to be open minded and not be gullible, or at least too gullible. In the beginning contact with Spirit is going to upset the apple cart in your head. And, just as when you start meditation for the first time all your subconscious is going to move into really active mode and present you with odd, frightening and anything horrible it can to prevent you from doing it. Keep meditating through the weird stuff and the same with channeling. Channel right through it. It will calm down eventually in both cases.

Here’s what I’m talking about. You just start channeling and you know you are channeling with your guide. Number one thing is not to go channeling Babe Ruth, or Elvis or your Aunt Maude who died 10 years ago. Channel your guide only, only, only. For the first year. Then, you can branch out and talk to others in Spirit. Anyway, already sure that you are talking to your guide he’s probably going to tell you to run out at 2 in the morning, bare assed naked to the street light on the corner and start dancing or the entire town will be blown to pieces. Weird shit. Don’t buy into it. Something like that happens and you say to your guide, “Why are you saying this to me? What do I really need to be talking about with you?” And, he will say to you, “I wanted you to realize you don’t have to buy into everything I say. I want you to realize that your buttons are being pushed here. You are turning over earth in your head and heart that hasn’t yet seen the light of day and there are nightmares there. Anything that bothers you psychologically is going to be exposed and whatever you channel will be filtered through that the same as how you move about in your every day life. Normally you are able to exercise coping mechanisms because you know subconsciously how to adjust. You’ve been doing it for years. Now, however, this channeling is new to you and you’re not sure how to react.”

“Because it is necessary for you to be the best you will serve yourself better by being willing to seek psychological guidance. Or cope better. But, the mature thing to do, the thing that will help you move along your spiritual path in a positive and direct direction will be to recognize that you need help. Our blessings.”

Okay…I’m back again. Dip in and out of it sometimes. It’s a process. There’s lots more that I didn’t talk about. These are the things that came to mind this morning. I suppose I ought to write a book.

One other thing is that while the guides are terrific teachers it is a rather unusal way of teaching. At least it was for me.