Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How You Can Approach Contact With Your Guide

One thing I kept running into when I was trying to learn how to channel was how serious it all was, both in how my approach as a student and practitioner ought to be and how Folk in Spirit responded to the questions we asked, with the exception of Seth and Michael. As time went on I learned there were others in Spirit who would joke around a bit. But, for some reason I figured they would never do it with me, that I was basically a really unworthy student who couldn’t do squat with any of the lessons I tried.

Little did I know. Now, I know a bit more about it. I know now that if I had lightened up some the whole process wouldn’t have been as heart rending as it was. Or, maybe it just had to be heart rending for me. All I know is that I wanted, with all of my heart, to have contact with my guide. And, it wasn’t happening.

Well, it didn’t happen how I thought it was going to happen. But, it was already happening even when I didn’t think it was happening.

Now I get emails from people whose experiences seem to echo my own. It’s like they are almost grieving from a broken heart trying to talk to their guides. They tell me that they think they hear the odd word or two, or they have these thoughts that spring out of nowhere, but no, that couldn’t be their guide. Well, all I have to say is it is. Those are legitimate contacts with your guide. Nothing really got said, but you are certainly on the right track.

Okay, so now you are thinking to yourself that these things have happened to you too. You plan on redoubling your efforts to deepen the connection with your guide. Why not stop beating yourself up about it and in addition to trusting that your guide is there and sort of talking to you also begin to trust yourself more. What you can do at this cross roads is to get real quiet and pose this question to yourself: What can I do now?

Here are some possible answers:
Keep a journal
Remember and record your dreams
Doodle with the idea that your guide, if so inclined, could doodle along with you
Play an instrument
Start exercising
Do some soul searching

Whatever answers you get can come to you as visual pictures and could be more along the lines of a flash, or the errant thought, or even a nicely strung together sentence that makes sense. I’ve had them come to me in all these ways. I guess it just depends, but at least you might know what to expect.

You can also use this technique when something is bothering you. For more information go look up focusing on the internet. I hope this helps you.