Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where You Talk to Yourself

When a person opens psychically I think they also will be faced with changing a few of their ideas and beliefs about who is out there. When I first embarked on my own journey I had no idea that I had a higher self. I had never heard of it before. There I go wanting to talk to my guide and in steps this higher self idea. I was more afraid to talk to my higher self than I was to my guide. Go figure.

I think of the idea of higher self as the boss in charge. This is my soul. This is the part of me that endures forever. This is the part of me, the head honcho, who knows all, sees all and knows the game plan. This is the part of me that is familiar with all my incarnations, with all my foibles, with my heart, with all my husbands, all my children from all of those lifetimes and all of my wives. Notice in this scenario I’m changing gender back and forth too.

Once I tried a meditation where the intention was to meet my higher self. I have this thing about visualization that makes it all that more real to me; they call it clairvoyance. Anyway, I tend to like to “see” stuff. So, on a variation of the meet your guide meditation I, instead, journeyed off to meet my higher self. It was actually sort of humorous. My higher self towered over me to the tune of 10 feet tall. I didn’t stay long and in a truly startled fashion leaped out of the meditation quickly. I believe I had that vision since I was already sort of nervous about meeting my higher self and it all was a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy. Something like wishful channeling.

But, since that experience I’ve become more accustomed to the idea of having a higher self and it is to that higher self that a person might make their connection to spirit.

So, in trying to communicate with your guide you might start off with the idea of communicating with your higher self. Opening psychically is tough enough, but if you’re okay with the idea of talking to yourself maybe this would be a good route to take.

And, you could use a prop of sorts too. You might buy yourself a bag of Rune stones or a deck of Tarot cards. Then, as you dip into the bag to select a stone you sort of ask your higher self to guide you in the process. I’d suggest that in the beginning you do the readings for yourself. They’re going to be slow because you’ll need to learn what the cards or the stones mean. Use a book or go on the internet to help you. There are lots of tutorials out there. Learn the way of a teacher and when you are more familiar with it you’ll begin to see other meanings.

In any case, whether you stick forever with the idea of talking with your higher self or branch out and talk to your guide too, this is a way to get your foot in the door and start talking to spirit.


Arwen Taylor said...

What a wonderful post. I hope you meant for it to be humorous because I laughed.

For me, it is the opposite. I'm more afraid of meeting my guides than I am at meeting my higher self. In my heart I believe my guides will judge me. Even though in my head I know they won't. It's the strangest contradiction that I'm struggling to overcome.

Anyway, I met my guide in a dream. She was super nice and taught me a very meaningful lesson.

Thanks for the info :)

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Arwen. Yes, I did mean for it to be humorous, but it was also true.

When I first came into contact with my guide I was of the opinion that the only contact we had was when we were talking. Little did I know this was going to be a 24/7 thing. So, not only are they totally aware of what you are doing all the time they also know your heart. And, they do not judge, though you will get the ascerbic comment now and again, but it is all with love.

Knowing now that my guides know what is in my heart I am able to talk about things with them that I had been unable to talk to others about. It is an opportunity to do some real good psychological and emotional growth.

Thanks for writing.

Arwen Taylor said...

I know. That "All Day Every Day" thing is kind of creepy. But they are there to help so its cool I guess. :)