Thursday, April 09, 2009

Another E-Mail I Got

Here is an email I got in response to the post I made below this one on April 4, 2009:

I have been reading your 'How to channel blog' for a while now, and I want to thank you very much for all the useful advice you give on it. In this last post you wrote about the voices in your head, you mention this person has a spotty connection with their guides and suggest they strengthen it.

My question is, how? I have read, S. Roman's book and done the exercises, and I don't know if there is any more I can do other than just being persistent and wait. I am up to the point where I can sense my guides around me, but so far I haven't been able to hear them or connect in any other way. Do you have any other exercises you could suggest? I do the children's rhyme sometimes, and I also talk to myself quite a bit, but I don't know how else I can play with them. Any advice?

And, here is my answer;

It sounds to me like you’re on the threshold of being able to communicate with your guides. With me, when I was at that spot, I took the bird shot approach and just peppered my efforts with all sorts of ways to connect. At the time it didn’t seem like any of them were working. In retrospect they all contributed a little bit.

When I spoke of a spotty connection I meant it’s sort of on and off at times which happened to me in the beginning. Just early days, that’s all. It does get stronger.

So, the one thing you can hang your hat on and count as the number one sign that you are making it is the fact that you sense your guide every once in awhile. I realize that you’ve likely got more than one guide, but for the time being focus on the idea that there is just one to meet. It’s sort of like being at a party. If you’re talking to one person you can devote your attention to them. If you’re talking to more than one person your attention is divided. So, for the purposes of the next while just pretend you’re talking to one guide. The other one will not be offended in any way and later on once your connection is real firm you can talk to everybody. But, in the beginning just to one quide.

However, many times these guys will talk and refer to themselves as we. Seth explained to me it's sort of like a choral effect...many guides joined together into one guide's voice. Just figure it's one guide even when they say we.

And, here are some suggestions:

1. If you are not already doing it begin keeping a private journal. It can be on your computer, it can be in a notebook. It can be in both places. The point is to just pour your heart out. As you move into a space where you are going to be talking to your guide you are also moving forward with your own emotional and psychological growth. Keeping a journal can help over some of the bumps. It’s not so much that you have to read what you wrote, it’s just the idea of getting it out.

2. Try having a pretend conversation with your guide on paper. You can write both parts for awhile and maybe at some point it will feel like what you’re writing is almost like having your thoughts flowing alongside of somebody else’s thoughts. It’s a strange feeling, but that’s how it was with me. After I got used to it the two thought streams separated and I can tell easily when a guide is speaking and I’m not just thinking something. As a warning, too, when you’ve gotten to the 2 side by side streaming thoughts stage? Sometimes the guides will say startling things, things you would never say in a million years. This is to further point out to you that you are not thinking this, but a guide is speaking just to help you begin to tell the difference.

· YOU: Hi. I haven’t heard from you this morning.

· GUIDE: You did not initiate a conversation. We had nothing to say.

· YOU: I thought you would at least say hello.

· GUIDE: (silence)

· YOU: Are you there?

· GUIDE: Of course.

· YOU: I can’t sense you right now.

· GUIDE: You are communicating verbally via the written word.

· YOU: Oh,

· GUIDE: Do you understand?

· YOU: No.

· GUIDE: (silence)

· YOU: Are you there?

· GUIDE: Yes, did you think I was going to disappear?

· YOU: No, but I thought you would have more to say.

· GUIDE: You need more time being quiet and listening.

· YOU: Thanks.

· GUIDE: You are welcome. Our blessings.

So, even though it is a pretend conversation somehow the guides came through. Just pretend they are there.

3. Something else to do is that sometimes it is effective when you are working so diligently on something to step away from it. For instance at one point I bought a piano. I can’t play. I tried to learn. It was impossible, but I felt I needed some sort of outlet more than my journaling to express myself. I might not be able to play well, but I please myself. Sometimes it even feels like I’m channeling. Just relax enough and let Spirit take me away. Anyway, after 20 minutes at my piano I come away totally refreshed and thinking a whole lot better.

4. Mostly it just takes time. Everybody is different. I know I stalled out many times. And, once the actual channeling began I was doing it in a way that was not the recommended choice in Sanaya Roman’s book, “Opening to Channel”, but it was right for me. So, I used a Ouija board. It took me 6 month’s of work for it to even move, but once it started it was like gangbusters. For 10 days I communicated with Seth via the board. Then, as each day went by I got faster and faster until my hand was flying over the board. There was no way anybody could tell what letter was being indicated anymore. That’s when I began to anticipate what was being said and it all morphed nicely into the telepathic sort of method I use now. It was the way I did it. It might not be the way others do it. But, the board was the vehicle to breaking through for me. Maybe something like that will work for you too. Interestingly, the Ouija board started working on 2/12/93. A week and a half later was when I first heard Seth’s voice in my head. That was 2/22 – the number sequence I had begun seeing some 5 years earlier when I had my first psychic awakening. See how long the process can take?

5. Read about other channelers to see how their guides speak to them. Read John Edward, read Sylvia Browne, read about how JZ Knight channels Ramtha, read Messages from Michael, read the Seth books that Jane Roberts and her husband wrote. Just read anything you can get your hands on.

6. At one point I learned how to draw. I needed to be drawing on the other side of my brain more to get myself ready for channeling.

7. Try getting some Tarot cards or a bag of Rune stones and see if that isn’t the way to get your foot in the door.

8. One of my steps was to begin reading, “A Course in Miracles”. I only ever got half way through but I’m convinced I needed to change the way I was looking at the world for the channeling to begin happening for me.

9. Always remember that learning how to channel, to connect to Spirit, puts you on the fast track for your own psychological and emotional growth and well being. Which just means that where you had worked slowly on emotional and psychological issues before now they come at you like gangbusters. That’s what the purpose of the journaling is for to help you through that. It won’t be a stage that is ever over, it’s just that it would have been easier for me to know it up front. That’s why I tell people early on in the game now. Just realize there’s no shoving problems under the carpet and hoping they’ll go away anymore. To be the best you can be means being a mature responsible person and stepping up to the plate when it involves this sort of growth. Don’t be afraid to get a self help book or even to seek out a therapist. I’ve been told transpersonal therapists might be your best bet, but anyone will really do. They can tell when folks are nuts and when they’re not.

10. And, I guess the best advice of all would be perseverance and patience. It’s almost like you’ve got to pay the dues and prove to yourself you are willing to do the work for the life changing event of channeling to take place.

11. And, finally don't work so hard at it. Try to have a balanced life going on. It really is just going to take time.

Thanks again for writing and I’m glad the blog is helping you.


Liara Covert said...

This is a very encouraging post. Many human beings know they are living, breathing channels or receivers, and remain consciously unaware by choice. They may hear the voices, but do not know what to make of them. Modern society teaches people to fear what they do not understand. People must learn to overcome fear before they accept what they are. I added your blog to my blogroll. Invite you to visit.

Wolfke74 said...

Hi, I am lisa

I heard about channeling for quite a while but forgot about it. Now I am reading some channeled messages and I feel to do this. I have lost my contact with my guide but recently re astablish the connection. Even thought I can feel my guide I fail to have contact. But what I do is almost everymorning when I drive to work in the darkness I invite my guide to sit next to me for a talk and to protect me,because I live in Johannesburg and it is not quite save to drive in the dark.

I also have a journal, where I write just occasional and I was reading some notes I took years ago. I was lying in bed and I think I was feeling bad and lonely and then I felt a whole group of beings around my bed and it felt saved and loved. It was so a blessed feeling.

Because I don't know much about channeling I was looking on the internet about it. I knew my guide would help me, so I came on to your page and it felt good. So thanks for doing this blog. I read some of it and it feels like it would be very usefull.

Wish you love. light and laughter