Friday, April 17, 2009

Loosen Up

This is an interesting exercise I just did to put me into a channeling sort of mood. It’s sort of like taking a spelling test. Just word by word. The “rules” were that none of the words had to make any sense. And, as the list grew at number 26 they started saying two words which quickly moved to three words which did sort of make sense taken together. I realized how this could be a really good exercise for somebody who was new to channeling.
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I remember getting real tense when I was first channeling expecting and wanting everything that was said to make some sort of sense. It didn’t always and I would sometimes feel exhausted with trying to get it right. Then, trying too hard it all dissolved into nothing and I couldn’t get anything at all. So, since this little exercise worked for me just to sort of loosen me up I figured it might work for those of you out there who are new to channeling or, who like myself, just need to loosen up channeling muscles and get back into the groove again.

So, all you do is sit there with pen or pencil in hand. Calm yourself. Meditate a bit if you want to. Center. Ask that you speak with your guide...or, that your guide say some words for you to write, one by one. And, wait. The "hearing" can come so very softly that you just sort of think you are even dreaming. The word, "River" goes by. It's not hooked up with anything. It's not anything you were just thinking of. Could this have been your word? You're not sure. But, the "rules" are to write down the words you think your guide is saying to you. So, you write down, "River" on the list.

Next word. Nothing. Take a deep breath. Center. Calm. "Bird" Center. Calm. "Fritter". Write it down. Center. Calm. "Mechanic". They're starting to come faster. This is wierd. This isn't talking. It's just a bunch of words. Fine. That's what it's supposed to be. A list of words your guide is saying to you and you are writing down.

Here’s my list:

wild flowers
this and that
taken with you
we will carry
this to you
all the way
without fuss or muss
taken to the limit
threshold of pain
capacity to love
good plans

I have to tell you I argued with them to take the first word off. I didn't figure I wanted Sex to be the first word my guide said to me. But, I lost the argument. The reasons being I am honest in this blog. That really was the first word they said to me. And, as embarrassing as it is it might be on your list too. I didn't want you to feel wierd.

And, you could continue on and realize that as the list gets longer the words begin to make sense and it just could morph into a nice channeling session.


Liara Covert said...

As you say, a brainstorming list can be helpful to get the ball rolling. Learning to permit words to flow without censoring them is like an exercise of learning to let go of unconscious mental blocks. Anyone can do it. Everything that you register is on some level a known choice. You have freedom. Do with it what you will.

Dominick said...

I used this exercise, and it did evolve into a channeling session, but once I started channeling my guide, it told me "stop this". And went on to tell me I was making a mistake, that I don't know what I'm doing and that I cannot handle it.

My guide usually contacts me through numbers, all day every day, and I've had conversation with it through this medium, but it's very frustrating sometimes, which is why I decided to use channeling. So my question is, what is it that could have made my guide respond that way, is there something which could cause harm through the use of channeling?

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Dominick. The only harm that could happen through channeling would be if somebody had a psychiatric problem. For instance, somebody who is paranoid or schitzoid does not have any business channeling. You're hearing voices already. Adding to that is just not good.

The cautionary advice you are getting could be either one of two things or both of the following.

Your guide is jerking you around for the express purpose of teaching you. It's called free will and if you have a relationship with a guide based upon the model of master and slave it just doesn't fly right. So, in the beginning, many times the guides will force you to look at your relationship with them and if it needs some re evaluation then you can do it there. Hard to do. Tough lesson, but I went through it myself, so I feel I can comment upon it. When everything is going smoothly guides just don't go around saying, "Don't do this or else you're going to be sorry." They are great proponents of the school of hard knocks.

One time Seth said to me, "Would a parent continually caution a toddler not to try to walk? No, the child must learn and the parent cannot prevent every fall from happening. Learning occurs with a few bumps and bruises."

The other issue which shows up as cautionary channeling is our own expectations. If we've got some sort of a mental block or fear that is getting in the way of channeling then no matter what the guides say it will come out of your mouth skewed.

One aspect of this is wishful channeling. If you, as a person, want the outcome to be this way so badly, if the energy your guide is sending your way is no, no, no the words coming out of your mouth will be twisted to be yes, yes, yes.

Do you think they are going to say to you, "Oh, you rotten channel. You just twisted everything I said. You don't understand it at all. Try again." No, they don't say a single word. That's why I am very, very cautious when I channel.

Some pointers to follow are:

1. Pay attention to your own mental health. It needs to be healthy. Channeling puts you on the fast track to better mental health because if you don't pay attention to it your channeling is going to be awful.

2. Know the guides have a funny way of teaching. It's like graduating from kindergarden to college in one day. They do not pussy foot around with us. They expect us to act like adults. Reasonable, responsible and rational adults. Many times we can't do that.

3. It takes a long time to become accustomed to having a guide, to talking to a guide and to become accustomed to all the new sorts of psychic energies. It just takes awhile. So, my advice is not to get really hung up on what your guide is saying. A watchword is if a guide says, "should or must". If that happens immediately examine your own motives and see if you aren't somehow twisting things around. When you do that enough you will find that the guides will start saying things like, "You might consider...." instead of, "You must".

4. And the last pointer here is not to go blabbing what you channel to everybody around. The early stuff is wierd and wonderful. Just keep it to yourself. My rule for students is to not advertise what you channel for the first year. You need that long to become a good channel and it will be years after that you will spend becoming an excellent channel. It's a life long ride.

You want to help people with it? Make sure you are healthy first.

I hope this helps you.