Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are You Frightened?

There are a couple of ways you can be when you awaken your psychic abilities. You can be calm, curious and eager or you can be flatout hair-raising scared. It is entirely your choice which you will be. I can understand how paralyzing being scared can be, but this is one of those underlying belief systems that just has to go if you want to fully awaken and enjoy your psychic abilities. It boils down to the idea that you are not a victim.

I can understand at first glance there might be some confusion over trying to connect these two ideas , but let me make an attempt here to explain. The idea that you are not a victim actually has farther reaching consequences than merely shifting scared to not scared. When you are more in the mode of thinking that you are not a victim thinking about, mulling over, obsessing on the past moves from number one activity to number seventy two. This gives you more time to pay attention to your life and living it rather than obsessing over the past.

Here’s an example. You get mugged and your purse is stolen. This frightens you and for the next 10 years you are nervous about carrying a purse. You do more than be normally alert as you walk on the city streets. Instead you clutch your purse carefully to your side. You are constantly aware of people around you. You flinch if someone goes by you too closely. You are basically still being affected by the mugging that happened many years ago. You also tell the story often to people. You think to yourself, “Why did this happen? Why me? It could happen again. I have to be careful.” It has pretty much affected a lot of how you live your life.

And, here’s the other side of the coin. You get mugged and your purse is stolen. You report the crime. You do what you need to do about replacing your credit cards and identification. And, you let it go. You don’t think of yourself as a victim. You don’t think, “Why me?” Instead, you try to get your mind around the idea of this was something that your higher self decided was going to be a real good learning opportunity. If you’re thinking opportunity instead of victim you might think this would be a good time to do a little psychological self-tuning.

So, this incident pushed a few of your fear buttons. Go be quiet and private for 15 minutes and as you relax you ask yourself the question of, “What is here for me to look at?” Pay attention to the answers that come to you. They will come as flashes of insight, as little visions, as a voice from your heart. How do you know you got an answer? Your body will relax. It will feel like a great weight has been lifted from your shoulders. You will be able to take a really deep breath. Tension will fall away and you will feel altogether a great deal better. This is your body telling you that you got the right answer.

Embracing this idea will enable you to look at the odd things that happen during a psychic awakening and when you are first learning how to channel in a way that leans more toward curiosity and eagerness than to a frightening experience. Remember that when you are frightened your reality is seen through fright and when you are calm your reality is seen through serenity.