Saturday, September 12, 2009

Being Psychic in the Office

Here is an example of how being a channel is a plus.

Last week I stood at the fax machine waiting for my transmission to complete. As I prepared to move away from the machine my guide said that it needed paper. I opened the drawer to the fax machine and saw there were only 2 sheets of paper left.

Then, I misplaced a very important bunch of papers. I was pawing through all the piles around me looking for these documents. Pissed? Yes. Very, very much so. And, with it came a sense of the frantic. What was going through my head was how very important those papers were and what an ass I was to be so careless with them. Not exactly what I would think would be an ideal time to delve into that very quiet psychic space for some help from the guides.

I deliberately moved out into the middle of our office, took a deep breath and said to myself and to my guide, “Help me.” I began to turn and as I looked over to where I usually sit my guide said, “Over there.” I had already checked that area, but I moved slowly back to my desk and zeroed in on where the ding donged papers were hiding. Sitting on their edges with a pile of other stuff to lead me astray were the papers.

It has been my experience that when I was panicky, when I was distracted, when I was in a big fat hurry that the voice of Spirit didn’t speak. In the beginning when I asked my guide for help in finding something I expected and wanted badly to hear really specific directions on where to go and what to do. Actually, a lot of the time now I still expect the same thing, but I think I’m learning to calm down about it. Anyway, what I expect and want to hear from the guides is sort of like, “Look to the right of your sitting area, lodged against the side of your desk is where you will find these important papers of yours.” That’s not really what happens.

When I get panicky the voices I hear quiet and just aren’t there like they normally are. So, I’m beginning to get the idea that with distraction, with panicky feelings, with my not being in what I consider to be the ideal psychic state my connection with Spirit is also going to be altered. What happened with finding those papers was more along the lines of my willingness to shift into the idea that I could allow Spirit to actually direct where my eyes were going to see, to be in such accord, even in a frantic state, to have such faith that they would still help me find what I was looking for and in slowly revolving in the office as I faced my desk I got, “Over there.” That was good enough for me. I moved to my desk and stood there quietly and that was when I got the specificity I needed. My eyes moved to where that bitty bunch of stuff was wedged between the edge of my desk and the thingie that held my pencils and stuff like that.

Such is the life of a psychic in the office.

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