Saturday, September 05, 2009

Did It Go Away?

I received this email yesterday and I feel people reading this blog and working with their own psychci development would benefit from it. I have deleted personal references so anonomity is retained.

The email I received: Ever since I was a little girl I have always believed in spirit guides. I have been meditating for a long time and I remember when I was younger I could talk out loud and hear responses that no one eles could, but I didn't tell anyone I didn't want them to think I was crazy, but I can't seem to do it anymore I can use my pendulem and know that they are there and I just can't seem to hear them anymore. I've been working really hard at it and maybe I've just lost it for good or maybe I'm just not listening close enough anymore. This will sound silly but I really don't remember who or what i am listening for. Do you have any advice that could help? I am really sorry about the long drawn out details and i am sure some of them are irrelavant but I had the urge to put them down so I did. Thank you so much for you time.

My Answer:

What you ask is actually a really important question and none of the details you present are irrelevant.

I feel everyone is psychic. Not everyone believes they are psychic. We tend to have this standard in our head that if you can achieve it you are psychic. If not, then you are not psychic. For instance, I used to think if you could bend spoons then that was when you were psychic. That’s just not true.

Being “psychic” I feel is being able to reach into yourself calmly and with no fear to see what else there is to know. How do you know this other sort of information? The same way you are able to perceive the world around you. Maybe you can see (clairvoyant). Maybe you hear (clairaudient). Maybe you just know acting on a gut instinct (claircognizance). Maybe smells are more important (clairalience). Maybe touch is how you access psychic information (Clairsentience). There are more ways, but my point is that there are many ways to experience psychic knowingness.

When you were younger you experienced your connection to psychic awareness as an ability to speak with those on the other side. Who were you talking to? Interested parties who, likely, were there as your spirit guide. Or, perhaps just a person in spirit who was interested in your psychic development.

Things change for all of us as we grow and this it is no different for psychic awareness. Where you once had a connection with Spirit which involved being able to hear that connection has changed slightly now. It was never taken away. You did not lose it. It has changed slightly. In working with a pendulum you are experiencing another way of communicating with spirit. You could do the same with a Ouija board, with a deck of Tarot cards, with a bag of rune stones, with automatic writing. The list is long. The connection is there. It never went away. You just grew up.

My suggestion? Stop worrying about it. Continue to meditate, but don’t obsess about it. If you want to do more than half an hour a day I feel you might do better to find a meditation coach or be prepared to help yourself. What appears to happen with really intense meditation is that in unlocking the psychic and spiritual side of life you also unlock your own psychological and emotional growth bumps in the road. It can get unsettling, but if you know what is going on you will be fine. How you know that you’ve hit a psychological bump in the road is different for everyone. You might get unusually irritated with people. You might cry more. You might be unexplainably angry.

I can tell when I start hitting my own psychological bumps. I start to attract bad drivers like crazy. I’m not kidding. It’s uncanny, actually. But, that’s my own signal that something isn’t quite right. Do I really attract them? No. I think I just get really impatient with how everybody is driving and it bothers me and that is my own signal to seek out a quiet place at my first opportunity and ask myself the question, “What’s going on? What issue deep in my heart and gut needs the light of day for healing and understanding?” Then, I relax and wait for the first thing to come up.

The issues can present themselves to me as a memory of something that happened to me years ago. It could come as a word that floats to the surface of my awareness or even as a sudden knowingness of what went wrong a long time ago. And, as an adult I can react to whatever it was with freedom rather than how I reacted as a child where I could not react appropriately. For instance your memory is of being a kid and of being afraid that you will lose your mother. You’ll be lost and this is terribly upsetting to you. So, you have something about abandonment you need to think about. I am not a psychotherapist, but this is what I do. Part of it is called focusing. The creator of the technique is Eugene Gendlin. You can look it up for more information. But, in a nutshell I would have touched upon the current thing that is up for me to look at. Abandonment. As an adult I know that I can read a map and know where I am. I know I can ask for directions. I know I have control over many aspects of my life that I did not have control over when I was a kid. So, as the mature and responsible adult I can also visualize the frightened kid and say to her, “Hey, it’s okay to be angry. I understand. I’m here and can help you now.” Stuff like that. Also, if the kid in you is really very upset maybe you can envision them standing on a table with a plastic bat beating the crap out of the table. It helps to take the edge off.

This sort of work gets easier as you do it more often. And, interestingly these issues that come up will continue to come up throughout your life. You work on an issue for awhile, are happy with the results and 3 years down the road your higher self decides it is time to work on it or something else now that you are stronger and better equipped to take care of it.

My advice would be to start journaling if you aren’t already. Just blather it out on paper, anything and everything under the sun. It helps with emotional healing. If the stuff coming up confuses you and causes you distress go get some psychological help with it. Even psychics….especially psychics, in order to be effective as psychics and happy in their lives, might think about making a commitment to take care of their emotional and psychological well being. Interestingly, having made that commitment to yourself and to the universe sometimes psychic development is accelerated.

When I first learned to channel at the ripe old age of 35 I thought I wasn’t doing it “right”. What came for me first was a connection to Spirit via a deck of Tarot cards. Then through dreams and meditation. It was about that time that I also began my own journey of emotional and psychological healing. Then, after many months of trying, I finally made what I felt was a really solid connection with my spirit guide through use of a Ouija board. Within a week and a half I was anticipating the answers coming through on the Ouija board. I thought I’d gone nuts and was making up the whole thing and with that thought my guide spoke to me for the first time. He said to me, “Go outside. I have something to say to you.” I went out onto our patio where it was quieter than inside the house and he said in a perfectly clear voice, as if he were standing next to me, “You can hear me now.” That’s how it was changing for me. Within a month’s time the sense of hearing changed somehow to a voice in my head rather than one at my side. The hearing went inside which actually was a relief because I was forever turning around to see who was talking behind me in those early days.

It’s all a developing thing. It was this way before. Now, it is this other way. You did not lose it. It has merely changed a little bit.

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