Sunday, October 25, 2009

Speak Louder. I Can't Hear You.

Here's an email I got this week:

Hi Skye, I am a channeling student of 2 months and learning energy work. I have been able to channel and answer questions in a group setting! I am doing conscious channeling eyes closed. The problem is if I cannot hear the question I find I cannot give the answer. I feel this is to do with confidence and I am required if I wish to continue which it is in my heart to do so that I must channel answers to a group without hearing, I do have very poor hearing. You as a practicing channeler may have some information in which a suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to drop out of my course and I also know that some things close new doors open for us. Thankyou for taking the time to read my draft.

And, my answer:

We’d all like to be unconscious channels and then it wouldn’t matter that we could hear or see or speak because we’d be flat out unconscious and therefore pretty much not in control over what comes out of our mouths when we channel. It would just lend that better edge of legitimacy to the whole thing. Nobody could call us frauds or anything!

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t like that. The majority of us are conscious channels. Which means we are conscious and as such rely upon all of our senses to channel. We just need to hear the question. I tend to shut my eyes when I channel and then I block out whatever it is that is going to distract me or alarm me or just get in the way of the channeling. But, I also feel sort of vulnerable in that position because I just can’t see the people I’m channeling for. Still, after all my years of channeling I haven’t gotten to a nice place where I am comfortable channeling for others. So, I don’t do it much. If you count in the last 2 months I might have channeled in person for 2 people. There was a time when I could channel for more people but I was never comfortable doing that, so I stopped. What I do now is to respond to emails, write blogs, and work on my website.
So, you need to hear whatever questions come your way. If it is a large group the “rule” could be that the person who wishes to speak either stands up and speaks clearly or they come forward and speak nearer to you. That’s the rule.

It irritates me that people will say to me, “You should be able to know what I am thinking if you are a real psychic.” Baloney. But, that is what they think. They also think we should automatically know whether we can hear or not whatever it is that they are asking. If they discount you because you can’t hear them that is their tough luck and you move on because there are lots of people who will appreciate what you do.

Maybe you could request that anyone who has a question write it out on an index card to give to you. Or, you could have an assistant, a helper to help you with a channeling session. JZ Knight always had somebody with her when she was channeling Ramtha.

Now, there are times when I relax enough to allow Spirit to really share my body. That’s fun to do when you dance around the kitchen or something like that. I’ve never thought of it as possession, but more sharing. What I think is going on is that I am moving into a deeper trance like channeling. It’s up…It’s down.

Anyway, you are in control. It’s your game and you make the rules up. Same thing with your relationship with your guide. It’s not all their rules. You can come up with your own suggestions. It’s give and take. It is a relationship. Like, I remember when I was first learning to channel and I’d lose track of what they were saying. It was like trying to meditate and my mind would just wander all over the place. I asked Seth if he would tell me a story, just like when I was a little girl. So, he would. I remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears a well known story from my childhood. The thing is, is that I knew the story. I knew how it started. I knew what happened in the middle. I knew what happened at the end. However, Seth wanted to tell the thing didn’t matter. So, I didn’t have to be worried whether I was channeling it properly or that I’d gotten something wrong. It helped with my confidence. It taught me how to relax into the rhythm of channeling. It just helped a lot.

At two months into your channeling remember that you are still becoming accustomed to the whole channeling thing. It’s going to fade in and fade out. It’s going to change as time goes by. Channeling isn’t always this one way. You will experience all sorts of degrees of channeling. The intensity will be stronger at times and just barely there at others. I remember I sort of thought the guides were playing with me to see how faint the messages were that I could still pick up on. The “hearing” will be like you’re listening to somebody standing next to you and will gradually go to a more telepathic style. You’ll get to where you can have a real conversation with your guide. In the beginning I couldn’t do that very well because the minute I opened my mouth it scattered whatever my guide had to say to the wind.

With time, with practice, with joy it will all eventually settle down to be your own personal style of channeling.

I don't generally print out the replies I get from people, but this one was just wonderful and I wanted to share it. It really made me feel good:

Thank you so much for your reply to my e-mail. It meant alot to me, well to be honest I burst into tears of joy. To see that you had gone into so much detail to help me with my channeling block, and the suggestions you offered me were just amazing. Also sharing with me your own experiences when you were learning. The information you have sent me answered all of what I had been questioning and more. I feel so blessed to have had such a beautifull caring person and purely from your heart to be able to help and give me encouragement, thats an angel. With time and practice and from your advice i know now in my heart I will find my own style of channeling You answered my prayer. I will always remember and appreciate the help you gave me.

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