Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Newsletters

I just finished writing my 3 pieces for the Talking to Spirit January, 2010 newsletter. The newsletter has evolved into a section that is pure channeling, a section where people might get some ideas about how to awaken their psychic abilities and a last section where I just talk about something I think might be interesting.
I was just putting the finishing touches on the last article which has to do with Tarot cards. It was interesting because I was basically done with the article but my Guide prompted me to continue and make the connection for the reader between Spirit and just who is going to be helping them. I’m glad too, because I had forgotten my own experience when I first handled a Tarot deck.

That first time I didn’t realize where the info was coming from. I knew it was coming from somewhere because I turned up the same card three times in a row running. Scared the you know what out of me and literally forced me to go look up the meaning pretty ding-dong fast. It was the death card. It means change guys. It means abrupt, dramatic, life-changing changes are afoot. And, that’s when I turned psychic. With a message from Spirit via a Tarot card.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Little Bit of Channeling on Christmas Morning

Happy Christmas everybody.  I've been working on my January Newsletter and took some time out for the guides to do some personal channeling for me.  I thought you might be interested in what they had to say to me. 

There are any number of ways that a person might specialize in a psychic awareness. It could be psychic hits or impressions as you sometimes experience. It might be more along the lines of colors or music. You might read the written word of old or Akashic records. On a more spiritual tangent it might be said that you can ask for the company of entities who do good work along those lines.

Spirituality can be defined as the development and growth of a person toward their higher self. If you can define all of life as spiritual, the people, the animals, the fish, the fowl, the bugs, the plants, the soil, the rocks, the water and the very air you breathe as a part of the same spiritual awareness you can begin to understand how a shaman might be able to interpret signs.

If you speak another language you can understand others who speak to you in that tongue. If you suggest to yourself and endeavor to learn the language of spirit depending upon your own teachings and present view of reality you could learn to understand messages that come to your from afar. Afar actually being quite close to hand, but because it is made known to you from an unknown place, from an invisible place could be considered to be from a place other than where you stand right now.