Friday, January 22, 2010

My Neighbor Phil

Our dearest friend and neighbor Phil passed away earlier in the week. He’d been in the hospital for a week and a couple of days. In April he would have been 80. Grieving was intense the first few days. Today as yesterday, I am scattered and very short of temper. Thankfully, the ladies at work are taking care of many of the minor things that will generally be the first to drive me nuts when I am not feeling well or under stress.

His family is here now, trying to understand what needs to be done, trying to put the things and issues he left behind in order and into a finished state. It is hard to do that while you are grief stricken.

Admittedly, while I am a psychic I understand that he is fine, that his soul is okay, that he is in a good and interesting place. I have channeled him, so that is fine.

I still have to grieve just like anybody else. And, it really, really sucks.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story. My ex husband, father to my 12 yr old, died four weeks ago at the age of 48. My ex spent 3.5 weeks at my house after he passed. He just wasn't ready to go yet, initially he didn't know that he was dead. He has finally moved on and while I was trying to assist him to do that, and work with our son, I wasn't able to grieve. Friends have made the assumption that because I can see "visitors from the other side" somehow this made his death easier on me. Grieving is grieving and it sucks no matter what your gifts are!