Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Do You Do About Stupid Channeling?

I have spoken before of how it is that the messages coming from Guides and Folk in Spirit are distorted just because we are human beings. Sorry, it just can’t be helped.

It does help if you are willing to work on your own psychological stuff. And, don’t bother telling me that you are perfectly well balanced. Everybody has stuff they can work on. It doesn’t mean we are a bunch of loons. It means these are our own lifelong lessons and can always use some work.

In any case, Rule Number One for people who wish to learn how to channel is to make the promise to themselves and to Spirit that they will work on their own issues as they arise for the rest of their lives. This does not mean that you will be working on this stuff all the time. Just when it looks like they are interfering with your life or with your quality of channeling.

How can you tell? You have to do it awhile and you will come to know your own special signals that it is time to do some work. My own are crappy drivers. It’s not that they suddenly flock around me like bees around flowers. It’s just that I no longer have any patience for them. They are there all the time. I just notice them more when I am on edge. Also, another signal I can watch out for is being really cranky and angry. Do I always do the emotional work that needs to be done? Well….not right away. Hey, I’m human and I have feet of clay. But, I do get to it eventually.

So, what do you do? There are all sorts of methods. My own is to find a quiet place. Dip into a sort of meditative state and ask myself the question, “What is wrong?” You get quicker at it with practice. It’s called Focusing. Look up Eugene Gendlin. But, this process will lead me into memories or into situations that are causing my own inner turmoil. And, I deal with it. How? Mostly I just feel the emotion, acknowledge what is going on. You can’t change the past, but you can change how you are affected by it. So, suddenly I am a toddler and something happened I didn’t like and I learned from that experience to do this. This, however, is the fly in the ointment that is causing my upset, whatever it is. For instance, be quiet. Toddlers are not quiet. They make noise. They are learning how to communicate. They are noisy. They ask questions. That sort of stuff. But, somehow I got the idea that I had to be quiet and now that issue is bothering me. So, I deal with it.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Helping the Channel to Heal

One of the advantages of being able to channel is that your guide will help you to think and talk about the hard stuff. Your hard stuff will, of course, be different than mine or anybody else’s.

Constantly with my advice to people who are interested in learning how to channel I say that they must make a promise to themselves that they pay attention to their own psychological and emotional healing. I made that promise and keep it, sort of.

In reality, I find that I can be a stubborn as a mule and circumstances sometimes almost seem to surround me to remind me of a mule being beaten with a large stick before I will give in and take care of my own emotional and psychological well being.