Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Scary Part

This is an email I got last week from somebody.  I'm betting this will be helpful for others who read this blog.  It was a short question that resulted in a big answer.  Don't think I am apologizing for being a Sage in the Michael Teachings (blah, blah, blah) because I feel this is important stuff for people who are learning how to channel. 

These issues not only affect the process of learning how to channel, but knowing the mechanics of what is going on will allow you to move past fear issues.  In addition just knowing how to address these psychic issues will also allow you to make improvements in many areas of your life. 

Hello Lady Skye,

I wonder if you could provide some advice for me. I have always felt the presence of spirits around me, but have been somewhat frightened by them. I've recently decided to embrace my ability and learn to communicate with to them properly.

I recently had an experience whereby I attempted to channel an entity in the room and it unexpectedly presented itself to me as a horrible gargoyle-esque face imprinted over the face of my friend in the room. This really shook me up and affected me for quite a number of days. Can you provide some advice as to how to deal with such a thing and how to stop myself becoming freaked out?

Thank you in advance!

And, my answer:

There’s a couple of things going on here. One is you were afraid. You’re not still afraid? Sounds to me like you are at least uncertain.

Second thing is you are new at it and your own subconscious is, if not rebelling, is trying to protect you. Anything perceived in our own usual world and in the world of the unseen spirits is filtered through your own belief systems. You were afraid and decided not to be afraid? Deep down I believe there was a reason you were afraid. It would be useful for you to investigate this still active deeply held and buried fear. Just have a look at it. Think about it a little in a calm and meditative state. See what comes up for you to look at.