Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Scary Part

This is an email I got last week from somebody.  I'm betting this will be helpful for others who read this blog.  It was a short question that resulted in a big answer.  Don't think I am apologizing for being a Sage in the Michael Teachings (blah, blah, blah) because I feel this is important stuff for people who are learning how to channel. 

These issues not only affect the process of learning how to channel, but knowing the mechanics of what is going on will allow you to move past fear issues.  In addition just knowing how to address these psychic issues will also allow you to make improvements in many areas of your life. 

Hello Lady Skye,

I wonder if you could provide some advice for me. I have always felt the presence of spirits around me, but have been somewhat frightened by them. I've recently decided to embrace my ability and learn to communicate with to them properly.

I recently had an experience whereby I attempted to channel an entity in the room and it unexpectedly presented itself to me as a horrible gargoyle-esque face imprinted over the face of my friend in the room. This really shook me up and affected me for quite a number of days. Can you provide some advice as to how to deal with such a thing and how to stop myself becoming freaked out?

Thank you in advance!

And, my answer:

There’s a couple of things going on here. One is you were afraid. You’re not still afraid? Sounds to me like you are at least uncertain.

Second thing is you are new at it and your own subconscious is, if not rebelling, is trying to protect you. Anything perceived in our own usual world and in the world of the unseen spirits is filtered through your own belief systems. You were afraid and decided not to be afraid? Deep down I believe there was a reason you were afraid. It would be useful for you to investigate this still active deeply held and buried fear. Just have a look at it. Think about it a little in a calm and meditative state. See what comes up for you to look at.

Change your own deeply held beliefs about how things are and you will find your own reality shifting a bit too. Here’s an example from our own usual reality: You are a teenager going through teenager angst. The thing you want most is to be a cheerleader. But, there is a whole list of reasons why you could never be a cheerleader. So, you make a list: You’re not popular. You’re not in the IN crowd. You are not athletic. You feel you are not pretty enough. You are shy. A short list, but let’s look at some of them.

Starting with the first where you are not popular. Ask yourself why you can’t make friends. Are you jealous? Are you afraid of rejection? The solution? You’ve got to go out on a limb to make friends and be what might be considered popular. Smile at one of your classmates at lunch time and say hello. Okay, you’re on the way to making friends and becoming popular. Was that a no brainer? Yes. Was it something you would do of your own volition? Probably not. Why not? Well, because there are deeper issues involved here. You might have abandonment issues which would directly affect anybody in a friend relationship. You might prove to be a clingy sort of friend and the person you are friends with might be uncomfortable with that and stop being friends with you. It’s a vicious circle until you look at what you think are the root problems and make the effort to learn something about them. Life lessons aren’t always easy. But, chipping away at the first objection in your list of not being able to be a cheerleader could be the start of something that a year from now shouldn’t prove to be such an obstacle.

So, that’s what you do. You just sort of chip away at the list and your reality eventually changes, the world as you perceive it becomes less of a scary place and next year maybe you can try out to be a cheerleader. You take a step towards becoming fit and athletic. Blamo the objections your body has to the idea of being fit start to come up. You twist your ankle and are out of commission for 3 weeks. You hurt your back. You don’t have any energy. The list goes on. Go to a quiet meditative state and ask yourself the question of why you can’t allow yourself to be physically fit. Just look at the answers and try again. Be sensible about it and do easy physical exercises.

But life lessons are interesting. So, you’re going to be physically fit and your body keeps coming up with things designed for you to not be physically fit. You look at these unexplained reasons why you are not able to change your reality. I know that there are probably lots of people out there who would look at your sprained ankle and say that has absolutely nothing to do with you trying to change your reality, and that included me several years ago too, but I have come to learn that an obstacle like a sprained ankle is a way for my subconscious to keep me safe and in my own usual reality because my subconscious perceives a very real need not to look at that deeply buried wound.

You’re an adult. You are not afraid anymore. You are mature and you can look at these things. Sometimes it takes a therapist to help you get past some of the closed doors, and that is a very valuable service. But, in order to go the physically fit route you as a person need to know why you’ve got this resistance to being physically fit. You don’t have to solve the whole problem, but you need to make some progress. You learn a little bit and are able to operate quite nicely for a couple of years and then you get another sprained ankle and it is your higher self’s way of letting you know that you are now ready to do a little more work on the same issues. That’s why they are life lessons; they take awhile to do.

How does this relate to psychic stuff? Same things. Same processes. Look in your heart to see what about this psychic, unseen reality scares you. Also, you can consider that just by making an attempt to change the way you view your reality your subconscious is setting obstacles in your path, namely the scary visions. Keep trying. Eventually two things are going to happen. With making an attempt to figure out why things are scary you are facing up to a next step life lesson. And the other thing is with continued practice, even though it is scary, you are proving to yourself that you are brave and are willing to go through this newbie beginner stage of just becoming accustomed to a new reality. Eventually, the scary faces stop and will morph into regular visions of your guide and/or of psychic sight.

Have you ever found yourself in front of a group of people having to make a speech and being terrified of it? How do you figure people can do that without having a panic attack? They practice. They’ve done it in front of a mirror lots of times imagining the audience in front of them. They convince themselves they have something useful at least some of the people in the audience will appreciate. And, they accept the fact that there will be some of those people who will not be interested. They decide they can live with that. Enough of this mind practice and they can stand in front of a large group of people without nightmares.

Now the other important part of your question I can easily answer by saying this is new stuff. You are the kid in kindergarten and have a really short attention span. Does the teacher who teaches in kindergarten teach differently than the teacher you will eventually have in a senior year of calculus? Yes. Different. How do guides teach us? They have to get our attention and ask that you step up to the next level of adult maturity and responsibility by examining deeply held beliefs. You want to play in the realm of spirits you need to be up to the task. This is hard stuff and requires that you pay attention, that you be willing to make personal commitments to watch your own personal life lessons closer, that you not be afraid.

Fearless. And, in order to do that you have to look into your heart.

And, it’s just the way the guides teach. I call it the jerk around method. This is why I tell people not to tell the world about channeling they get during that first year. It can really get embarrassing when down the road, a year into your channeling experiences you look back at how many people you went and told that your guides had told you that you had known Jesus Christ when he taught. Right. The likelihood of that happening is sort of along the lines of slim and none. Maybe you did. Maybe you didn’t. The world at large (or at least your family and friends) are going to think you are a nut. Just keep all this incredible information to yourself for awhile. And, I guarantee that it will be wild ass stuff. Fun, but you are a beginner and are being taught by your guide who will sometimes have to jerk you around a little bit. It’s not how you would expect a teacher to teach, but they are limited in the methods they can use to teach you, at least in the beginning. I actually think it’s a good method. And, I did embarrass myself with newbie channeling gone wild.

The other thing to do is to however you can make this happen raise your own vibrations and expectations about your teacher. Seek the light. Seek higher vibrations. Meditate a little before attempting to make contact. SPEAK WITH YOUR OWN GUIDE. I know that is rude to yell in caps, but that is an important thing here in the beginning. Elvis and Liberace can wait their turn until you are sufficiently expert at moving around in the spirit realm. And, even with the intention of speaking with your own guide they will still jerk you around. Especially, if you are afraid. But, for that first year be content with your guide.

In short, it’s all part of learning how to channel and most everybody experiences it. I know I did. Thanks for writing.


Anonymous said...

hello :)
im trying to become a channel too.. i will now after reading ur posts try to clear my blocks... my name is neelu and i am now in jaipur(india)
i was doing very well spiritually a few years back.. i used to get many visions ..see astral and spiritual beings.. coz of fear i backed off :(
thanx for inspiring people like me .
god bless u always.

rosyrose said...

I cant seem to quiet my mind or stay still long enough to meditate or channel..somehow ive taught others via automstic writing etc...and occasionally a message for another comes through. Im not afraid i guess im not patient enough...