Sunday, July 10, 2011

What Do You Do When Spirit Stops Talking?

This is an email I got yesterday.

Hi. I’ve been speaking to my nana in the spirit world and lately I’ve been getting a feeling I should do a tarot card reading for myself. So I did. It wasn’t a good reading all. The bad cards came out, so the same night I asked my spirit guide to bring my nana through. She didn’t come which she always has done in the past.

Something felt really wrong that she didn’t answer me and a few days later she still won’t come through. I’m just wondering why they don’t come through. I also feel as though they are trying to prepare me for something distressing to happen. Is that why she won’t speak to me at the moment?

You are worrying too much. That’s all. When you make contact with Spirit in the way that you have been accustomed to this is not the way it will always be. You will, as a sensitive, evolve and develop. Not to worry about it.

So, what is going on with you? Did you realize that you are the one who determines what spirit is going to sound like? We did an experiment once with 4 people I was coaching on learning to channel. The game was going to be that we would listen to one guide. The same guide. And, that guide would channel about what was going on in our future. We were all set to get really good information. What came through was surprising and not what we expected to hear.

Bear in mind that I live near San Francisco. We get a lot of earthquakes and everybody has been warned for years that the BIG one is coming.

So, one person channeled that we should all get out of Dodge and move as quickly as possible. We should move to Colorado because that was going to be the new west coast in the United States when the present western part of the country was going to sink and drop off the map.

Another person channeled that if our higher self determined that our life lesson was going to be that we needed to be involved in a big earthquake, then that was where we were going to be. Why there? Who knows? Maybe we are supposed to help people.

Two very different channelings, yet from the same guide and through two different people speaking on the same subject.

That was when I realized that it is the person who determines what kind of channeling comes through; whether it is going to be scary or not.

Okay, so what do you do if you feel you don’t have any control over the channeling coming out of your mouth?

You have lots of control. It’s all about choices. For one thing with alarming or distressing messages coming through you can take a step back from it and know the channeling you are doing is based in fearfulness.

How to get over fear? Grow yourself. A kid is afraid of nothing. They learn fear as they grow. Unlearn it. Are you afraid of the first raindrop? Run for shelter so you don’t get wet and melt? Try this. Next time it rains go outside without a coat and without an umbrella and get wet. I know that is simple, but for me, when I did it, it was a revelation and it was one of the first steps I took outside of my comfort zone.

Allow the fearlessness to come gradually to you. Journal. Pour out your thoughts on paper. The very act of expressing yourself on paper is therapeutic.

Begin to gradually change your world views. Are you as well balanced mentally as you can be? If you move on the assumption that everybody, the world over, has some sort of neurosis going on, figure that you must have one too. You always figured that you were perfectly okay. Figure now that you are not. Number one rule is that channeling is distorted by how well balanced you are mentally, or at least that you are making the attempt to be well balanced. So, the important point here is that you make a promise to yourself that you will make the attempt to investigate some aspect of yourself that might need a little healing. I don’t know what it is. You have to discover that one on your own. Remember, that your world view, your take on reality needs to shift a little bit in order for you to spot something in your makeup that could use some work. It is a process of being more sensitive to what your needs are.

The thing with healing emotionally and figuring out what is going on with you is to assume first of all that you are not a victim. If you go around saying, “If this had not happened then everything would be different for me.” Or “If they hadn’t done this I would not now be doing this.” This is the blame game and if you blame others for your problems then this is something you can look at. Here’s a hint. Do you ever get really angry about things? Focus in on those times and see if you can’t figure something out about yourself.

My signal that I need to get quiet and do some inner work is when suddenly, out of nowhere, I am surrounded by drivers who can’t drive worth a poop. In front of me, behind me, coming at me from the side; the worst drivers you can imagine and I am attracting them like flies. Ahem. My own personal signal that there is something in my world that isn’t quite right. If I choose to ignore this it only gets worse.

This doesn’t mean that you are defective. It means that you, just like everybody else, has something to work on. That’s our opportunity here on Earth. Learn all you can.

One of the best things I ever did to help me shift my reality just that little bit that would allow me to channel was to read, “The Course in Miracles”. There is a section in it that has 365 lessons; one for each day of the year. Start on the first lesson and begin reading. These are short. They never go much more than one page.

Now, the cards. First time I ever read the Tarot for myself I got the 3 “bad” cards; the hanged man, the tower and the devil. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. I shuffled the deck and drew again. Same three cards. Yikes. I shuffled and drew again. Same again. The odds of that happening were incredible. So, since I didn’t know much more about those cards than they were “bad” I figured I would read the meanings. Your world turns upside down, things are going to change, you have the opportunity for great changes in your life.

I finally realized that Spirit was coming through the cards and since I already held a bunch of “beliefs” about ESP and psychic things I was frightened. It took years for me to unlearn my fears, to realize that Spirit had just stepped in to communicate with me via the cards and that was one of the first steps I was taking to learn how to channel.

Your sensitivity to the other side is changing. Take a hint and study more. There isn’t one perfect and right way to lean as far as disciplines go. Lean the way you are drawn. You’re going to learn something from all of your teachers. There is a saying, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” So, don’t fret. You’re doing fine.

There is nothing to fear and your Nana and your guide are not preparing you for something bad to happen. When it all settles down again you’ll be able to talk to Folk in Spirit again and I’ll bet you will be a much happier person. It’s all about growing.

Best of luck to you and thank you for writing.