Monday, April 02, 2012

Something That Moved Me

I just watched a moving video of the San Francisco Men's Gay Chorus on YouTube.  I realize it doesn't have anything to do with channeling, but it touched me and I wanted to share it with you.



Anonymous said...

OK so this has nothing to do with the video.
Here is the deal. It has always been of my interest astronomy and spirituality. Since I was little I could see things that other didn't, guess things n get them right, like per say I would think of a song and people would sing it, I once saw my neighbor when i came back from school in the afternoon and he was cleaning the backyard but I didn't know he had died already in the morning. I always had a feeling of something fallowing me. I played the board once with friends but nothing happened. Then after when i was around 16 I could hear foot steps and stuff like that when i was alone. One day when i tried to sleep I opened my eyes to see a man sitting on the feet of my bed the TV was on he was facing it and I was facing his back. I thought it was my boyfriend but when he woke me up said he had barely gotten out of work and dint sat to watch the TV at all.
I asked my dad and it hadn't been him either.
I also would hear a little girl crying. One time I had a voice message in my cell but no missed call, when i heard it it had unknown as the caller number and the massage was from a girl who in a very low voice said abby help me. I freaked kould but asked my mom and sister to hear it and they did. I just erased it. Then I had a car accident where I was alive miracle according to doctors. After this I would see shadows, have noises in my room and stuff like that.
I started having weird dreams like I dreamed of my grandma and then find out she died and so on with about 4 fam. Members. I would dream of a certain person and I would get news from them. Or dream something about the ones I live with and something would happen to them.
And that weird thing of looking at the time and always having all same numbers ... 11:11 12:12: 3:33 1:11 2:22 5:55 and so on.
After I try committing suicide and passed for 5 mins. Everything kind of changed I could only kind of hear noises and shadows around my bed at night. My mom put a virgin Mary that would look as if it would smile and move her eyes and at nite apparently look like the ripper.
My dreams were scary something always trying to take me away.
Now I remember part of my dreams and stuff.
Last thing I have heard was a voice of a man who said something I couldn't understand through the speakers I use to hear music aloud from my phone, only that they were disconnected.
So i don't know but I want to find out why things like that happen to me.
So i wanted to learn to channel and may be find some answers.
Today when i was meditating or trying to I started hearing like inside my head different like male and female voices at the same time. I opened my eyes and my body was super stiffen.
Do you think I could just keep trying or just stop?
Something tells me I should keep trying tho....

schoolteacher001 said...

Thank you! So wonderful. I'm sharing it with my colleagues who head a LGBT group at the high school where I teach.