Friday, February 15, 2013

Talking to Spirit - Using a Talking Board or Ouija Board

I think it is interesting that we tend to complicate things more than they need to be.  There might be a simple explanation which is more complimentary that reads, “Oh, the exquisiteness of it demands attention to detail and so the beauty is drawn forth.”  Right.  Or, I’m succumbing to my neurosis and am just worrying the whole thing to death. 

There is the idea that I am a Sage in the Michael teachings and like to hear myself talk which might also account for some of it.

Anyway, it occurred to me that in learning how to channel sometimes students make the whole process a lot more complicated than it needs to be.  To that end, you do NOT need to purchase a Ouijia Board to use as a communication device with Spirit.  You can make your own.  Use a piece of paper.  Write the alphabet on it.  Put some pictures in.  Put a, “Yes” and a “No” on the paper.  Done. 

Use a stone, or a washer, or something small as your pointing object.  If you want to get really simple just use your finger.  But, that might come under the heading of more advanced technique whereby you also have accepted that Spirit and you are sharing your body.  Sometimes people have a difficult time getting to that level of sharing.  Sort of like having absolutely no more privacy and issues arise because of that.  What is interesting is that to use a talking board at all requires that the above condition is already met even if you don’t consciously recognize it.  If all that sounds really strange use a washer from your tool box.

Some basic guidelines on talking to Spirit with a talking board:
  1. Make a point to plan on talking to your Guide who is kind, nice and won’t jerk you around.
  2. You can save talking to your great-great-grand-mother for a year from now.  That includes Elvis, George Washington, Shakespeare and other famous personalities.  Save them for when you are well grounded and sensible about use of a talking board. 
  3. Use your common sense.  Nobody is going to give you winning lottery numbers.
  4. Answers to questions like, “Who am I going to marry? And When am I going to die?” are suspect and should not be trusted.
Bear in mind that a talking board is not a toy.  What you are doing is making a connection to Spirit the same as if you were using a deck of Tarot cards, using a pendulum or channeling.


Sarah said...

Hi there,

I just stumbled upon your site by accident and must say, I found this post rather interesting. I have never tried anything like this before, as I grew up being told by my mother that talking boards were not something to be played with and talking to spirits could be dangerous. So I was always to terrified to even try. I have never really looked into it at all so hearing this topic spoken about in a positive light i found rather intriguing :)

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Various family members were sure to let me know that my grandmother wouldn't allow a Ouijia board in her house. Grandma Nieman was the one in our family who was psychic. She knew that our grandfather had been in an airplane accident (he survived) before the tower did. Other things as well.

But, I can see why she wouldn't allow it into the house. It's an easy way to make the connection to spirit, BUT if you are not well grounded, are suspicious, have issues and are willing to accept whatever messages come through then you are an accident waiting to happen.

The missing step if you get bad action on a Ouija board is when you are a new student and have not made a commitment to grow emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

All of this belongs in a more detailed post. Which I think I've already done somewhere else on my blog and on my websites...but, I can certainly do so again at some point.

Just don't buy any bridges or play the lotto.