Saturday, November 30, 2013

Talking to your Spirit Guide Is Not as Simple as Picking up the Phone

Talking to Spirit is not always as simple as talking to your neighbor, your co-worker or somebody at the store.

We are accustomed to engaging each other in conversation.  There is an exchange of information.  It is like dancing.  Back and Forth.  We take turns.  Whether it is important or not you get your message across.  Verbally.  I can hear it with my ears. 

You know how it goes:

"What have you been up to?"
"Nothing much.  How about you?"
"Well, I've got a touch of the bum knee today.  Figure rain must be coming on." 
"Yeah, it was on the news today.  Storm front moving in fast."

Because we all have a different sort of connection to Spirit that conversation could turn out many different ways.

Here is one scenario:

You are in a big fat hurry to get out the door.  There wasn't much hot water left for you to take a decent shower this morning and that put you in a bad mood.  To top it off the half and half you poured in your coffee had these funky globs in it.  You didn't have time to make another cup so you fished them out with your spoon.  The carton didn't smell, so you figured it would be okay and not make you sick.  Once you got your socks on you realized you stepped on a piece of kitty litter and you had to take your socks off to get it off your foot.  Like I said, the whole morning is teetering on this edge of the beginning of a really rotten day.

Regardless of all this crap going on you still need to get a move on.  As you move toward the front door you notice your umbrella propped up in the corner.  You actually pause.  And, then you move on, go to work or school or wherever you were heading in such a hurry.  About mid-afternoon the clouds roll in and by the time you are ready to come home it is raining buckets.  You get wet and continue the mouldering mood that started when you got up that morning.

You weren't listening to your intuition.  You also have a prime opportunity to sort out what is bothering you psychologically.  But, to continue the lesson you really were not listening to Spirit talk to you.  What Spirit had to say was said when you had that pause and looked good and hard at your umbrella.  The message was not said in actual words.  It was said with an intuitive feeling.

How about if your communication with Spirit tends to happen with signs?  What if you have already figured out that good things tend to happen when you see a sparrow?  There isn't anybody who made a rule that said you are moving with the flow when you see birds.  It's just something that sort of happens around you.  When you speak of it to others they look at you like you've been drinking too much.  But you know in your heart that is a signal to you that you are on the right path and that Spirit is taking an active interest in you and your affairs.   Somebody else might say you are somehow twisting things so that you have already decided to be in a good mood when you see a bird and that it is a self fulling prophecy.  Who cares?  For years I would see the number 222.  It happened when I broke through to Spirit in an obvious way.  For me seeing the number 222 was a sign to me that I was on the right track.

We all have different levels of communicating with each other.  You can speak.  You can write notes.  You can communicate with facial expressions.  Lots of way to get your meaning across to somebody else.

Many times people don't realize that they are in actual communication with Spirit when the talking involves something as simple as an intuitive feeling or a sign.