Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finding a Mug

People think that when you channel with spirit that a person would only do so when there was something of real importance to talk about.  As if you would only do so with the big questions like: “Is there life after death?” or, “Is it painful to die?”

I channel all the time.  I think it helps to make me a better channel.  Anyway, I was at the White Elephant Sale yesterday in Oakland in the kitchen wares section.  In years past I’d picked up interesting coffee mugs, but I was going to steer past that section this time as our cupboard is full to overflowing with mugs.  In fact, I’d gotten rid of several of them a few months ago. 

So, I’m wandering around and the guides urged me toward the coffee cups.  I objected noting the full cupboard of cups at home.  Nope….another urging toward the coffee cups.  Okay, I’m game.  I went and poked around a little.  Then, getting into the browsing I decided that having a coffee mug with a thin lip to it was a worthwhile search.  I found one but it was on a pedestal and it wasn’t as large as my other mugs.  When I want a cup of coffee I want a CUP of coffee. 
I had pretty much looked at all the cups and decided I wasn’t going to find anything and I get another, “Wait, keep looking.” from the guides.  So, I kept looking and found a mug with cherubim on it.  I said, “Is this what you wanted me to find?”  It was funny.