Monday, September 19, 2016

Light Me Up

Dear Pauline,

'Light me up!' sprang to mind.

I fell into your site, Pauline, but don't know if you are still working with it.

At 67 I had lost my enthusiasm for channeling after a lifetime of misses and only one close hit. I also lost my belief in groups after finding again and again that psychics and mediums could very often be mean, ego-driven, ungenerous, unkind and nasty, not just to me.

I am enjoying your words and work so here I go. I will play a little with your suggestions.

Wish me luck. And, thank you.

From Australia

Hi JL,

I’m glad my site resonates with you.  Our expectations of what something should be sometimes prevents us from enjoying what it actually is.  The responses we receive from our own higher self and folk in spirit might not be as grandiose as we think they might be.  I suppose if you try to see the stilled wing of a hummingbird it just isn’t going to happen, not, at least without a really high speed camera or film. 

I’ve also noticed the more intent I get about something the less likely it is going to happen.  It’s like people who are grumpy all the time and can’t seem to find anything nice to say about anything.  If you could imagine they took 30 seconds from their day and are silently grateful for something they might begin the process of very softly and gradually turning their life around.  I’m going to try this.  I have a tendency to get myself into ruts.

Thanks for writing. 

Pauline Evanosky