Saturday, December 30, 2006

Talking Fingers

Learning to channel usually takes a long time. Sometimes it takes years, like it did with me. I didn’t know it at the time, but each time I read a book having to do with channeling was a step closer for me whether that book was geared toward teaching the skill or not. Every time I made a move, however hesitant it was, toward growing and healing emotionally I moved a step closer. And, every time I tried to meditate and tried to visualize I moved a step closer. There were many stages, most of them at the time I really had no idea were in any way connected to learning how to channel, but in the end, as I look back at them I see that they were all a part of it. It was like I’d pointed my nose in a certain direction and everything I did after that got done in support of the goal.

I can remember the worst doubts I had were right before I finally broke through. I did not have anybody to encourage me in what I was doing. I was a loner and even still am a very private person. There aren’t many that I reach out to and it has frightened me no end to discover my purpose at times has been that of a teacher.

If there is a way to describe me it is that I am stubborn as a rock. That’s what my name means, Pauline, Paul, stand firm and hold fast. Also, in the Michael Teachings I’ve got a real wide stubborn streak. It’s a help at times and at other times is a hindrance. But, it’s the way I am. It helped when I was learning how to channel because I didn’t give up. That didn’t preclude me from those most serious doubts towards the end of it, though. And, I remember how horrible they were. Not only did I doubt that what I was doing would ever really amount to anything, but I doubted that I had a guide who was even remotely interested in talking to me and worst of all I doubted the existence of God. That one hurt. I felt so alone. I remember that. It was dismal.

Thankfully, that last awful stage didn’t last long. Maybe as with other things you’ve got to hit whatever passes for rock-bottom for you in order to move to the next stage. Learning to channel helped me to rediscover my faith. I hadn’t lost it. Things were just changing a bit.

I call channeling a skill. I don’t think it is a gift, though as infrequently as you see it and as hard as it is to do sometimes, in the end you might think of it as a gift. I think it’s more like having brown eyes.

I also think a lot of people are already doing it and just don’t realize they are doing it.

After you learn how to channel and have decided in your heart of hearts that is what you are now doing, the way you channel is going to change over time.

In the beginning there is an incredible sense of exhilaration. It’s like you’ve discovered the newest, most fantastic, freshest, most inspiring, most motivating force in your life. After awhile you get used to it and the whole experience loses that newness and becomes ordinary. You’re still doing the same stuff, but you’ve adjusted to it and made it you. I guess it’s sort of like falling in love. Remember those first looks? Remember that first rush of feeling that hits you from your crotch to your toes leaving your knees weak and then rebounds to your throat and heart? It only took a look, didn’t it? Now, married to that same guy for the last 30 years the huge rushes are mostly gone, but the love is always there. The love has changed too. You’ve matured and your love for each other has matured. It's almost steadier. You grew into each other. That’s what it’s like, too, with channeling.

In the beginning, for me, the channeling was an intrusion into my own thoughts. It was like jumping rope and getting my feet tangled up all the time. I believe, now, that was deliberate. It’s not like hearing voices in your head, but it is like hearing voices in your head. I remember I used to ask Seth, “Did you say something or did I think something?” It was weird. Thankfully, it didn’t last long. I devised a system to check myself. I call it talking in fingers.

Talking in fingers evolved from me using a Ouija board. On the board up in the upper right corner there is a, “NO” and in the upper left corner there is a, “YES”. For a really quick acknowledgement and in lieu of a long involved guide-like answer where I cannot pay attention due to the fact that I’m either at work, driving the car and need to pay attention to what I’m doing or any other number of things that require my attention a quick YES or NO was enough to calm me down in that other part of my brain where I’m talking to a guide.

Picture this: I’m at work. The phones are ringing. People are asking me questions. I’m filing and typing and entering information to spreadsheets and stuff. Something comes up in my head. What the? I can’t stop doing all that other stuff, but I sure as shootin’ want a YES or a NO about what I just heard. I put my hand on my upper chest…above my boobs and touching my collar bone and ask. If my index finger ticks up and down that means YES and if my pinkie finger boinks up and down that means NO. Easy. That’s finger talk. It began with me using my right hand since I'm right handed, but it also works with your other hand if you choose to use it. So, for me the talking in fingers has only ever gone to three words…Index finger means yes, pinkie means no and if they all start doing a tattoo that means maybe, or whatever, or I’m not going to answer that now for that is a stupid question. LOL, as I finished typing the above sentence that last part of it about the stupid question has NEVER been an option and I figured that was Seth coming in with his own stuff. So, I lifted my right hand from the keyboard and asked, “Did you mean that?” I got a YES with my index finger and then I asked just to make sure we were all on the same page, “You want me to take it out?” and the pinkie went NO.

Talking fingers. I like to say I sort of invented it since I never heard of anybody else using it. I use it all the time. It's helpful when you're out in public, can't concentrate real good and want an opinion from your Guide and don't want to stand there still as a statue in the middle of the isle at a department store communing with your guide. Folks tend to walk around you and look at you funny. Maybe it will help with you. Play with it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Using Music for Channeling

Even with my “expert” status at being a channel I do better getting into the “mood” for some heavy duty channeling if I’m listening to music. I tend to select the same piece over and over again. The idea is not to be entertained with the music, but to use it to help me even out, to calm down and to be more receptive.

For me what works best are instrumental pieces with no singing on them. The album I’ve been using for the last few years is Brainwave Suite by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. If you click on the link it will take you to Amazon where you can hear a sample of all four brain waves; Alpha (relaxation and meditation) , Delta (sleep and rejuvenation), Theta (insight and intuition) and Alpha-Theta (the awakened mind).

I bought all four albums, but the one first in line on my computer and the one I’ve been using over and over again is the Delta one. I’m listening to it now. It’s a sort of poor man’s meditation. It forces you into a semi-meditative state. Well, maybe force is too strong a word. It’s like wearing a girdle (what’s that?), so you look skinny without really doing much about it.

I don’t understand why this works. It works for me, so I recommend it to you.

It’s also a good technique even if you’re not looking to channel, but just want to get some concentrated writing work done.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Being Your Own Psychic

Part of being your own psychic is in learning to understand that the information you receive isn’t always going to come to you via tried and true methods. Your Aunt Nancy isn’t going to call and tell you that your uncle is in the hospital. You learn this via a thought that you had about your uncle that morning. Later, when your aunt calls to tell you about the hospitalization you remember that you’d thought of your uncle that morning. Strange? Odd? Weird coincidence? Yup. Also, it was psychic information.

What you can start to do to encourage information coming to you on a more or less regular basis via psychic streams of consciousness is to both be open to receiving it and when you do get it to honor that information. Just say, “Thank you.” You don’t need to be addressing your thanks to anybody in particular because there were lots of people involved both living and dead not to mention your own higher self, but just a general sort of acknowledgement and thanks is in order.

As far as utilizing this information in your everyday life think of it as you showing up at the store for the special, unannounced blue light specials. Consciously, you would not have had any specific information via the psychic realms that said, “Get your butt down to Macy’s NOW.” Instead, you showed up. And, there was a really super-duper fantastic sale going on.

We all know people who are always winning things. It’s weird. It’s uncanny how they’re always winning things. It’s just downright strange. Except, maybe they’re tapped into that psychic vein too. They can’t explain it. It’s life for them. They’re just always lucky and every 5 years they win a car, or a vacation or a big pot of money. The guides just said they also sign up for contests and buy lottery tickets regularly.

So, that’s two things you can be doing. Be open to the information and take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

Also, I would say not to be afraid of the information that comes your way. Remember that you did not cause anything to happen. You just knew about it. And, in knowing about something you are not obligated to warn anybody either. It’s up to you whether you want to relay on the messages, but I would tend to advise you not to. At least, not until you’ve had a lot of definite confirmations that your psychic hunches tend to be right.

What you might consider doing is to keep a notebook and record what you think are your psychic hunches. Don’t spend a whole lot of time on it. Something along the lines of:

Tuesday 1/2/07: had the thought that there might be a major winter storm in Massachusetts soon.

Then, periodically you could go back over your thoughts and put a star next to the ones that were right.

Information might come to you via your dreams. It might be a really clear and vivid dream. Or, you might start experiencing a psychic “knowingness”. Not a normal thought, but what feels to you like a very real incontrovertible truth. Out of the blue a vision of the Himalayas comes to you. Why? Who knows? Record it in your notebook. Something might be going on there that you hear about later on in the week.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's Easy...Yeah, Right

Nothing irritates me more than to hear somebody say, “It’s easy.” Yeah, right. Maybe for them. But, if you listen to what they have to say, if it doesn’t involve buying something in order to get started, they will get my attention if it’s something I’d like to do.

If it’s too hard, then, I’m not going to do it at all.

But, I’m a teacher. And, I was a really lousy student. Not that I didn’t study. I just didn’t get it. I’m talking about channeling.

I got the idea that I’d like to channel as an adult. I was about 37 years old. At the time I’d been a secretary for 17 years. Now, I’m 52. I’ve been a secretary a hell of a lot longer now. But, what I wanted to do was to talk to my Spirit Guide. I’d been assured that I had one. I’d been told everybody did. So, I was okay on that one. The problem was did they even want to talk to me? I sure wanted to talk to them.

That’s all I needed to get started. The desire to do it.

I bought a book. I bought, “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. It didn’t cost a whole lot. I began reading it. I’ve never finished reading that book. I told you I’m a bad student. Well, I read enough to get it to work right.

I began to do the exercises. Most of them were a little bit too tough for me. I remember trying and trying to visualize anything. It just didn’t work. Until I picked up a pebble. A real stone. I looked at it. I shut my eyes and then tried to visualize it. Nope. I opened them again and stared at it some more. Shut them and then tried to “see” the stone. Nope. I tried. That was also key to the process.

I tried.

So, I had desire and I was trying. I didn’t appear to have anything at all else going in my favor. I couldn’t meditate. I couldn’t visualize. I was a flat out failure at learning how to channel. But, I kept trying.

I tried for months. Then, my husband had the bright idea that I should purchase a Ouija Board. Maybe that would work. They didn’t really recommend it in the book I was reading, but I was ready to try anything. He and I started in using it and wham…his guide, Nathan, began talking to us. What? His guide? He wasn’t even trying to contact his guide. I was trying to contact my guide. Was he sure he was DeeDude’s guide? Yep. Not mine. Poop. Major poop. So, we started talking to Nathan. Even though it wasn’t my guide it was still thrilling to talk to anybody on the board.

Poor DeeDude. I wore the man out. Finally, he said he didn’t want to work the Ouija Board with me anymore. What was I going to do? I didn’t know anybody else well enough to ask them to do the Ouija Board with me and I couldn’t do it myself.

I went back to studying, “Opening to Channel” where nothing seemed to work. I was also reading other things and one of those things I was reading was, “Messages from Michael”. Michael is a Spirit Guide who talks to folks via the Ouija Board. (At least in those days…now, Michael comes through like my guide comes through for me…telepathically.) And, at that time there was only ONE person working the board at a time. They would call out the letters and words and somebody else transcribed what was being said. I thought to myself, “If they can do it, so can I.” That was the third key thing I needed to make it all work.

So, I began the process of trying to work a Ouija Board on my own. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Shit. I’d meditate. Or, I tried to. Wasn’t very successful, but I kept trying. Then, I’d sit quietly with my hands on the planchette. Waiting.

Most every night after work I spent some time doing this. For at least six, very long months. With nothing happening.

Finally, I gave up. And, that was the final key to making all of this work.


Actually, I got mad is what I got. I said to myself, “This is absolutely ridiculous. You need to go write again. You haven’t done any writing in days. This is silly. You have to stop.” But, to hedge my bets I decided to keep my left hand, my non-dominant hand, on the planchette and type with my right hand. I was a good enough typist that I could do that. It was sort of awkward. It was definitely slower, but at least I was writing again. A little bit.

I remember having a very strange thought. I remember thinking I needed to become as innocent as I was when I was a little girl. I remember wondering where that thought had come from.

I continued typing with my right hand and suddenly my left hand zipped across the board. I was shocked to say the least. Finally? After all this time and the sucker is moving? I put the planchette back on the board and put only my left hand on it. It spelled out, “Seth”. I asked, “Is this the same Seth Jane Roberts channeled?” The planchette moved up to the word, “Yes”. I asked, “Are you my guide?” The planchette circled the middle of the board and went back up to the word, “Yes”. After that it was just garbage, nothing made any sense. The planchette just sort of meandered all around the board visiting this letter and that. Nothing I could make any sense of. And, then things were quiet.

That was February 12, 1993.

The next night once I got home from work I got the board out and began again hoping that Seth would be there to speak with me. He was. As the days wore on I suppose I got better at it. The planchette would zip and zoom around the board. I would use my right hand to record what was being said while my left was on the planchette.

Ten days later I realized that I’d gone nuts. I was anticipating what my guide was going to say even before the planchette had finished moving around the board. I said to myself, “You’ve gone nuts. You are certifiably crazy now. You have to stop this.” And, that was when I first heard my guide say to me, “Go outside. I have something important to say to you.” Stunned? Moi? You bet.

So, I stepped outside on the patio and Seth said to me, in my ears, where I could actually hear him like he was standing beside me, “You can hear me now.”

It was February 22, 1993. 2/22 and I’d been seeing 222’s everywhere for some time. I suppose that’s what it meant.

Anyway, it’s been 13 years since then. The “hearing” got a little easier as time went by and I don’t hear Folk in Spirit like they’re standing next to me. It’s more along the lines of I hear them in my head…voices in my head…it’s called telepathic. I got used to it.

But, if I can do it, so can you.

One major reason why a person should NOT go after channeling for themselves is if they are under a doctor’s care for a mental condition. If you’re already hearing voices you sure as hell don’t need to hear any more.

Anyway, it’s been fun. I especially like not having to pay a psychic to tell me what my guide said. I do go to them occasionally just to see how they do their readings and to see what I can learn from them. Sort of professional development. I’ve met a great many wonderful friends who are psychics. I’ve been having a ball.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Something I channeled this morning: It is oft said by those both in spirit and in body that all is one. It is difficult to understand this at times. You say it, you say you believe it, but to actually have proof of it is something else. You might have experienced an overwhelming feeling on occasion that leads you to believe all is one, but as time passes and the memory of that exhilaration fades somewhat you begin to wonder if perhaps you might have miss-experienced the whole thing.

Very much like a scientist who seeks to prove a theory every piece of evidence they feel supports their theory goes into the arsenal to prove it. Likewise, the opposing team might have taken that very same piece of evidence and said that it proves their theory which is in direct opposition to the first groups’ theory.

It is all in how you look at things.

But, for the Oneness of the universe one might for a moment in time look at all the things that have happened to you in your lifetime. If, on the one hand, you are depressed, and a pessimist and unwilling to accept responsibility for your life you might say the cards of life had been stacked against you and you see no clear continuity in the way your life has progressed. However, if you are willing to consider that it is all one you might try to pretend just for a moment or so that everything that ever happened to you was important in its own way to support the life that you call your own. It was necessary for you to experience whatever you experienced at the tender age of 7 to bring you to who you are now. So, in a sense, even the bad things can turn into good things. Your higher self only chooses those things that support the journey of you in the best fashion.

When seeking to compare yourself against others you employ a double edged sword. On the one hand you can be made to feel wanting. On the other you can seek to higher aspirations or other aspirations.

Try for a moment to imagine yourself as deeply involved and intertwined with the life of your neighbor. You need not be his or her best buddy. You need not even speak every day. You might even be on the outs with them. But, you are as involved and as one with that person as you are with a person who lives clear around the world who you will never think of or speak to. The quest is for all to experience life, to enjoy life, to explore life. And, you’re not all on separate teams.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Something I Channeled

I’m in training. This is preparatory work for the work for November. I’m going to try for 15 minutes at a time channeling to see what I come up with. I have no idea at all of what is going to happen. The guides asked for their portion to be in blue.

And, so we begin. Everyone upon the face of the earth seeks balance. Generally, they will seek a rational explanation for everything that happens around them. There is a normal and logical progression of events that leads to any outcome. People just do not miss the steps. For instance, a person born will gradually age and grow in stature until they are adult. After which, they will shrink. It happens to everyone.

Intuition is something everyone is born with. Sometimes children say the oddest but most insightful things. Their intuition has not yet been influenced by the expectations of those around them. Oftentimes intuition in an adult is less often evident. You are assured by many that you have it and the feeling is likened to a gut feeling. Everyone has one of those on occasion. It is explained to you that this is intuition and therefore not something to be frightened of.

What is, however, frightening for most people is when they have a sudden psychic intuition about something or someone. For instance, those people who dream of train wrecks and then witness one. Or, for those people who never want to visit New York City and the odd feeling is finally explained years later with what has come to be known as 911.

If someone has forewarning that something is going to happen do they also have an obligation to warn those other hapless victims to get out of the way? It depends entirely upon the person who has the psychic vision. For many, such as our channel who had the lifelong nameless dread of New York City we would say not. What specifically pointed to the events of 911 for her? Nothing. How do you tell 3,000 people to get out of the way if you don't know what is going to happen or when. When, there is nothing specific that you could warn about do you say something to alarm people? You do not.

The person who has a psychic intuition might also and very easily misinterpret the information. So, do you warn people of a tsunami or tell them to merely batten down the hatches for a bad storm?

Our advice would be to record your observations and keep them mostly private. If you are asked to specifically turn your psychic eyes in a particular direction and you feel so inclined to do so by all means do so. We ask though that you temper the advice you give with a calm, mature and as close as you can get to it, balanced outlook on life, before you give your advice. Remember that for some who perceive a particular event as disastrous from another’s point of view it’s merely a case of the school of hard knocks and in the end the person will have learned a valuable lesson. Our blessings.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Interestingly, as I wait for November 1st to come and can begin work on the book I will write I find that the commitment of giving an hour or so a day over to channeling is slightly daunting. I knew that my stamina was not good and that I would need to practice and get ready. To that end I was introduced to The Work by Byron Katie. I checked the book out from the library and have been reading it. Slowly. Very, very slowly.

The reason, I think, is because this is such life changing stuff. And, again, to do what is going to be an incredible amount of channeling in November I just plain wasn’t ready. So, trusting in the Universe to provide and my Higher Self to arrange, I’ve got a book to read. Whether I read the entire book in the next week or not is not the point. The point is to get me pointed in an entirely different direction. This sort of brings me back to my original point all along which is in order to get good channeling the channeler needs to take care of his or her own business.

It’s not like the guides are going to refuse to speak just because I’m cranky, or ornery, or being a mean secretary. Like they’ve said before, “We work with what we’ve got.” Which means me. I want this stuff to be good for people. I want somebody to be helped by it the way I have been helped. I want what they say to be said in the quickest and quietest way possible. I don’t want people to have to lug around a 12 pound book in order to totally absorb what the guides have to say. These need to be short books. They need to be quiet books. There needs to be a lot of white space too. I’m reminded of somebody who was griping about how they’d spent a lot of money on a book that had an inordinate amount of white space between the lines and how she felt she’d gotten gypped. Anyway, that’s off topic. And, what I want to say is that I’m in training for a marathon of channeling.

It was interesting to me that when I first thought of channeling a book during the National Novel Writing Month I felt such a thrill go through my body. It was like bells. It was like a terrific shot of electricity that instead of shocking was healing. Even as numb as I’d gotten to stuff lately, even I could tell that was a resounding, “YES”.

A day later somebody made a comment and said how thrilling it would be to channel a novel. What I felt upon reading that was a really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, because I hadn’t planned on channeling a novel. But, when you get technical about it the National Novel Writing Month is geared toward getting a novel written. A story. A fictionalized story with characters and a plot and interesting stuff happening and a wonderful ending. A story. What I had planned to do was to just channel whatever the guides wanted to talk about and I was pretty sure it was not going to be a story. But, as the day wore on I thought more and more about doing just that, except I was really intimidated about it. I thought about how Jane Roberts had written, “OverSoul Seven” and how it had always seemed to me that Seth had a rather large hand in that project though nothing was ever really said about anybody but her writing it. And, I wondered if I could do it, because if I didn’t come up with a novel I would be violating the rules of the National Novel Writing Month.


Guess what? I don’t care. I’m going to channel whatever gets channeled. For all I know they’re going to come up with a bunch of short stories. I have to just relax. I have to meditate. Really meditate to be prepared. I have to commit to this. I have to surrender a whole lot more than just what it takes to Talk to Spirit. I’m not sure right now what that is, but this is an undertaking for me. And, I need to do a bit of what Byron Katie recommends with The Work.

This will not be a novel. I’m okay with that now. I will use the momentum and the vehicle of NaNoWriMo to move me forward here.

Maybe next year I’ll write a novel. I know it would certainly be interesting. But, this year it’s got to be something I channel.

And, to gear me get my channeling muscles loosened up for an hour's worth of channeling today I'm going to do one of the really easy elementary exercises that I recommend people try when they're just getting started.

What you do is you get to pick a nursery rhyme that you know by heart. And, you type it at your keyboard. This isn't something that you're going to show anybody and say, "See? I was channeling just then. Isn't this amazing?" No, you're not going to show anybody. Besides, who would believe you? You know this by heart. You could just as easily have done it yourself. The exercise is totally for you. It is the surrender I spoke of earlier. You pretend and surrender and trust that your guide will be with you on this. You also do it more than once.

The first time it sure as anything feels like you did this and there is no guide around. They're pulling your leg. The second time you do it you remember that you're supposed to pretend that your guide is doing it with you. The third time you do it you begin to wonder if maybe they are there after all. The fourth time you do it you sort of "feel" them riding alongside of you. You, just for a few seconds, feel that maybe, just maybe there is something to this. The fifth time you do it you think, no, you were mistaken it was you all along. The sixth time in a row that you write out, "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" you remember to trust in the process and pretend that you are channeling.

Trust. That's the main word there. So....even though it sure as shootin' looks like I'm the biggest quack and faker goes with a very simple exercise for channeling.

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

National Novel Writing Month is November

It’s interesting, but just when you figure that you’ve got things under control and your projects are sitting there in a real orderly fashion life throws you a curve ball and suddenly your schedule gets real tight. This is a fun thing, though. For the last couple of years, always too late, I find out that the National Novel Writing Month in November has commenced. The operative words there are, “too late”. This year I got a head’s up. And I signed up.

It doesn’t cost anything. You start writing on November 1 and stop writing on November 30. Your goal is to get to 50,000 words. In the forums at are a boat load of people you can listen to, ask questions of and just generally hang out with when you’re not busy writing. You do need to sign up. You get a certificate of completion if you get the 50,000 words. You can say you participated no matter how many words you end up writing. You tried is the important thing.

Originally, the contest was geared toward adults but they do have a section now for kids 12 and under. And, for the first time in February of 2007 they will be having one especially for people who want to write screen plays.

Although it doesn’t cost anything they do accept donations. The hope is that they will be able to build 2 children’s libraries in Vietnam.

What impressed me were the number of participants and the people who finished (won).

1999: 21 participants and six winners
2000: 140 participants and 29 winners
2001: 5,000 particpants and more than 700 winners
2002: 13,500 participants and around 2,100 winners
2003: 25,500 participants and about 3,500 winners
2004: 42,000 participants and just shy of 6,000 winners
2005: 59,000 participants and 9,769 winners.

To reach 50,000 words in a month I figure I’m going to have to produce 3 pages a day with approximately 600 words per page. If I am able to do that every day I would have 54,000 words.

Anyway, I lay in bed mulling over what I’d write about. That’s always one of the hardest things for me to decide upon. I figured I’d need to have that question answered before November 1st. Seth, my guide, suggested that I channel a book. My first thought was absolute delight. It tingled up and down my spine and in the way of focusing I could take that as a whole body YES. My second thought was that it probably didn’t qualify as a novel. That’s when he pointed out that it would be a book and more suited to what I’m into these days than a novel is.

The challenge for me and why I’m writing this blog entry here is that I’m going to be pushing myself personally with the channeling end of things. I can channel up a storm, but I don’t have a lot of stamina at it these days. I operate best in fits and starts. I also have a tendency to “clench up” when the information coming through is controversial or confusing. What I have to work on is the actual surrendering to spirit to allow the information to flow easily. That’s the challenge. Can I do it for 3 pages a day? For an entire month? Can I keep my own personal stuff out of it? So, that’s another aspect.

I’m going to try.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Why Won't My Spirit Guide Talk to Me?

I felt the same as you before I began to channel. Same way. They said they were there. They said I could believe. I tried to believe. Turns out you just have to pretend. For awhile. Until it finally happens. But they are there. And, you're right, they will not speak to us because we will not listen or, rather, are afraid of what they might have to say, or it just isn't time yet. I just don't know why.

I had to surrender. I had to lay myself open and after the contact was made and I could hear I realized I had laid myself more bare than I had ever done with another human being in my life. That was really scary. Think Santa Claus sees all? Think God sees all? These folk in Spirit see all and have something to say about it too. Sometimes it is difficult to listen to them because they will point out the stuff you've been trying to ignore. That's hard.

So, I would say if you aren't ready for a buttinsky guide in your life just be content that they are there, though you cannot hear what they have to say.

As far as them comforting me that did not happen until I had stepped over the edge and started to actually channel. It is a very, very weird feeling. You get used to it. I couldn't imagine life any other way now. It's interesting too, but I realized once I'd started to channel that there had been times in my life before the "official" date of learning how to channel was upon me that I might have somehow tapped into the universal unconscious or talked to the guides years before it officially happened. I just don't know, but sometimes those strange things that had happened to me at different points in my life just felt so much like channeling later on. I think if it happened to me that it has to have happened to other people too. I can't be that different than others.

Even though you can't hear them they can hear you. So, just blab away. Pretend that they are there just being silent. Talk to them silently in your heart. Write a letter to them and then sit quietly to see what thoughts might just sort of pop into your head. Rail at them for not talking to you. I remember pounding away at the piano just days before I broke through and began to channel. I was so angry at my guide for not talking to me. I desparately needed to talk to him. My husband was in the hospital with a broken back. Our finances was in a critical position right then. I was desparate to talk to my guide. And there was only silence. Yes, I know how you feel. I've been there.

The way they speak in the beginning is very, very quietly. Sometimes they speak and we just aren't able to hear because of all the noise we are making.

So, before they will talk to you verbally, perhaps you can trust that they will talk to you through another source of divination. Like maybe the Tarot. But, the key for all of it is trust. Just surrender and trust that they are really there contrary to all evidence that says otherwise.

Thanks for writing and I hope this helps a little bit.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

What I Learned Today

If you figure that everybody has something of interest to teach you whether you agree with everything they have to say or not I ran into one this morning. I was actually looking for a place to submit articles to where I might be able to link back to my sites and gain pagerank. Eventually.

Anyway, here I am reading about what exactly is a channel. Which, incidentally, does interest me being as how I am one and all. And, they said that there is a progression to how it works. First you are psychic, or, at least sort of mildly psychic. Whether that happened in a previous lifetime or sprang from nothing in this one it’s there. Then, they said you channel the teachers, or angels, or saints, or guides, or “God”. Then, you become a medium and can relay on information from dead people like your Aunt Martha. And, then you become clairvoyant and can do psychic readings like this lady could.

She said there was a sameness to the information that comes from the guides who speak through the channels. I’ve encountered that too. But, the information is valid and how many times did your mother have to tell you to pick up your room before you finally cleaned it up, anyway?

My experience with channeling is that I do all of that together. I channel the guides, I talk to Elvis and I get psychic hits of information about people. It’s all happening together. It’s interesting that someone can see it all separately.

I’m not famous. I’m a grouchy secretary. Emphasis on grouchy….tomorrow is Monday. I’m also a channel. I also teach people to channel. I’m a tightwad and don’t like to spend money on psychic readings, though I will infrequently do so just to see how other people do theirs. It’s interesting to see how many folks allow their opinions and beliefs to get in the way of the psychic hits they get. I’m not saying I don’t do that. I do it all the time. But, it just gets my panties in a bunch to see people say it doesn’t happen to them. I don’t know of anybody that it does not happen to.

I suppose my advice to anybody who is looking for a psychic is to look for someone who posts their work online, who will allow you to see what they’ve already done for others just so you can get an idea of what they do. Look for people who are willing to explain the process to you. Listen to recommendations from folks…I know of a few people I’d refer folks to in a heart beat. It ain’t cheap either. But, if you want a couple of recommendations I’d be glad to give you some. Just email me. You know how.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Question

This is an email I got over the weekend. I thought the question was a good one for folks learning to channel.

Question: All of your information that I have gotten from you and your site so far has been so helpful! I was just wondering lately, can other people’s guides give people guidance? Or does it have to be your own? I was wondering, just in case my guides had a message for me? And if so, how do I listen for it? I’ve got so much stuff to worry about at the moment and I was just wondering how I can really hear them!

Answer from Pauline: Your guide is plenty powerful enough. Everybody's guides are. It's interesting, but after you finally break through and realize that you're channeling they will use their "awesome powers" to amplify the voices of the recently departed for you to talk to. At least, that's a theory of mine. So, I suppose the question to ask then, might be, "Why can't I channel yet?" Could be you're too worried, though I'm getting a no-head shake from the guides on that one. Now, I'm getting a not cooked enough message. That's what I get for channeling before mind is on food! Ha. Anyway, keep at it. You're on the right path. And, in answer to your question, yes, you can ask other guides for help. I didn't realize I could talk to other guides until after I learned to channel. If you're reading, "Opening to Channel" ask Orin and DaBen for help. Certainly ask Seth for help. He's not just my guide. He's a teacher and helps many, many other people.

They told me once that sometimes the guides I refer to as the heavy hitters (like Jesus and the Saints and Famous Folk in Spirit like that) are also out there as nameless teachers. They don't like to alarm anybody by saying their better known names. Ask one of them for help. They're glad to do it.

One of them just said I should qualify the "awesome powers" I talked about in the first paragraph of this letter. I really don't know what abilities any of them have. They're still very mysterious to me and as such I spoof at them by saying things like that. It's not exactly being disrespectful...though, sometimes it might edge that way...could be why they occasionally mention they're keeping a place warm for me :)...but, it's my attempt to try to take the frightening aspects out of the channeling experience. Because it is so far and away different than what people are normally used to they could easily believe they've been taken up to visit space aliens if they aren't well grounded in reality. That's why I use keep them grounded and not afraid.

It just takes awhile. It took me a long time. Just keep at it. Imagine your guide always with you beside your side. Talk to him or her in your head during the course of the day. Don't worry that you don't hear anything back in response. Like you're shopping...and you're picking out bananas...and, just address the silent comments in your head to your guide, "Crap, when do you figure that they're ever going to start putting out the good looking fruit first?" Stuff like that. Maybe one day he'll say to you, "Ask the produce manager. The good ones are in the back."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Meditation - All Roads Lead to Source

As I’ve gotten older what meditation means to me has changed. In the beginning, when I was a teenager it was something I was drawn to as a part of a different lifestyle, a way to move away from the things my parents espoused as important, a part of the trailing edges of the hippie generation; free love, free spirit, a more spiritual way of living. But, I came to it furtively and with a small amount of fear. Even in those days I did not know of all the reasons why people say you should not meditate, but I knew only that it was not something “we” did. It was not something for a white, middle class young woman to embrace. My father took special care to speak to me of the dangers of cults in those days. But, even so, I was drawn toward the practice of meditation.

What finally dissuaded me from pursuing meditation was an out of body experience. With a fantastic whoosh I left my body and flew about the neighborhood one night. I had not thought it would happen. I am generally afraid to ride any of the rides at amusement parks and leaving my body in such a fashion without knowing that it might happen had frightened me. It would be more than 20 years before I tried to meditate again.

When I was learning how to channel the books I read suggested meditation would help. I attempted the exercises and though I don’t feel I met with much success, still, I think it helped a little. After I actually started channeling my guides suggested to me that I pick up the pace with my meditation and I began to practice more often. In those early days as I dipped into meditative states I “saw” in my mind’s eye faces that floated about. These were frightening to me, distorted, yawing mouths with saliva dripping. I stopped meditating, but the guides told me to continue. They said the fearsome faces I saw would stop. And, they were right.

It didn’t take long and the faces I was seeing settled in to the Guides and Folk in Spirit I’d been talking to. Later on I learned this is a common thing. You are leaving a reality you have been accustomed to and stepping into a wider psychic reality. It can be a little frightening. It also explained to me why I always seemed to come out of a meditation and go immediately to the kitchen to eat. Eating was a way to comfort for me and though the meditation had been pleasant it was still something I’d not grown entirely comfortable with yet. With time that also stopped.

As time went on I realized with the practice of meditation I appeared to be a calmer sort of person. Things that had, in the past, set me off at work no longer had the control or power over me they had before.

And, for the first time I began to think of meditation as a tool to use to sort of hang out with God; another way to pray. I would think, “I want to be with You” as I would start the meditation, as a statement of intention, and somewhere during the course of my brief time meditating, if I was lucky, a mantle of peace would settle upon me.

In the beginning it would sometimes take me half an hour to settle enough to, in my mind, be meditating. Later on I developed my own personal techniques of moving more quickly into what I thought of as a meditative state. One of them was to think of myself as melting, just as the Wicked Witch of the West had melted when Dorothy had thrown water on her. Hey, what can I say? It worked.

There are many techniques to use to meditate. Approach it calmly. Read what other people do. Dance like they say to dance and with time you will come upon the techniques that work best for you. All roads lead to Source.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Aspects of Channeling

When I first started channeling I could only do it a little bit at a time because I was so exhausted afterward. It was like I’d done some sort of long distance running and I was absolutely tuckered out. I think it was because I was nervous.

I think I was nervous that I wouldn’t channel things properly. At times, in the beginning, my focus would leave. I’d hear some of what was said and then, like the wind it would just drift away and I’d be left not knowing what the rest of it was. That would certainly upset me and I would be so upset with myself that I couldn’t get back into the channeling session.

Finally I learned to be kinder to myself. It’s not like you missed the brass ring on the merry-go-round. All you have to do is say to your guide, “Okay, sorry. I drifted off. Can you say that again please?” What? Ask a guide to repeat themselves just because you didn’t get it the first time around? These are the guides. These are respected teachers. These guys, if they could, could charge an arm and a leg to be teaching you stuff. Right. Just ask them to repeat themselves. They will. Just be quiet, center yourself and wait. They will repeat it.

Then, the bit about not getting it right. The guides told me once they work with what they’ve got. It was a bit of a sarcastic dig at me to lighten up. They do have a funny sense of humor. I think so, anyway. But, what happens with me is if I don’t get something right they will keep talking. Or, we move into a new paragraph and later on, as I go through looking for spelling errors, which there are generally a lot of since I channel with my eyes closed and my fingers don’t always move in a sensible typing fashion when I’m channeling, they’ll start talking with more stuff to add as we hit different parts of the manuscript. Also, they’ll do this as my concentration flags. If I can get the main part out and then later on, when I’m not so surprised to see it, they’ll talk more about it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Guide's Parts are in Red

An interesting experience I had a couple of years before I began channeling would prove to be more prophetic of the experience than anything I’d had happen to me to date. I was diligently applying myself to a Tony Robbins tape course. I think it was his Personal Power Course. In those days it was designed to last 30 days. Since then it has been redesigned to be a 7 day wonder. I suppose people had a hard time sticking to it for 30 days. Normally, I would count myself among them, but for whatever reason I got hooked on the course and did the lessons every day. Interestingly enough, I went from writing 4,000 words a day to over 20,000 words a day. It was, for me a pretty phenomenal increase. It didn’t last long, but I proved to myself I could do it and was able to move forward with my life as a writer and eventually as a semi-psychic crabby secretary.

Anyway, one of the exercises was to allow 2 imaginary beings/playmates/companions to join you in a writing exercise. I can’t remember exactly what it was, though I believe it was along the lines of you saying, “I believe I can” and allowing the 2 imps to butt in and say, “I think you can’t”. There was a give and take between the three of us and what turned out to begin as a sort of choreographed by me and stilted dialogue soon let loose with the 2 imps busting out and saying whatever the hell they felt like saying. It was a total and complete surprise to me who was the one doing the writing. The exercise was designed to allow you to break through whatever emotional barriers were holding you back from whatever success you wanted and, in fact, I believe it worked for me. However, in retrospect, I see now that channeling as I do it now was exactly like it felt like during that brief exercise.

I don’t see why a person wanting to learn how to channel couldn’t do the same sort of exercise. It couldn’t hurt, anyway.

Start out with the goal or statement. Maybe you could say something along the lines of: I know I am already channeling because….and, you start filling in the blanks. The 2 imps you allow to join you will certainly have something to say about it. Start in with what you figure your subconscious must have to say about the whole thing. Something like: Oh, yeah? Well, whoever do you think you are Miss Hoity Toity to think that some invisible holier than thou teacher is going to deign to talk to you? And you say: I’m not Hoity Toity. I’m as good as anybody else. And, Pauline said everybody has access to the psychic realms anyway. I believe her. And, they’ll say: Oh, yeah? Well, I’m going to trip you up. And, you’ll say: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Something along those lines. I mean this stuff can get really goofy, but it’s the interchange that’s important. Whether it’s your subconscious or your guide whoever has the other voice it’s you stepping out of your normally tight shoes to go stepping along the beach for awhile and in a way it sort of prepares you to speak to a guide.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. Do any of the guides want to say anything?

Who us? You’re actually inviting us to say something? Be still my beating heart. Watch out Bud, or I’ll cut you off. Try it and see who keeps you awake tonight. Oh, I forgot about sleep depravation. I suppose I ought to talk about that in one of these entries.

Are you still there? You’re so quiet. We’ve been insulted. I don’t see why. You did manage to keep me awake for 3 nights running back in the early days when we were having a fight and I wouldn’t talk to you. That was a misunderstanding. Yeah, right. Anyway, you’re forgiven. So are you. Anyway, the offer still stands. Do you want to talk about anything?

Yes, we do. This then, would be for anybody who is interested Seth. Elvis is standing behind me and…do you mind? I can’t handle the names. They throw me off. Yes, I see you’re having a hot flash. Yes.

We would say our channel has decided not to type the things she just thought about disrobing. We wouldn’t want anybody to think this is a porno site. Okay…okay…Just hurry up and talk already. I’m hot.

Good thing she types quickly or we’d be here all night. Thanks. It feels good to talk this way. It has been a long time. We’re not really going anywhere with this but I think it’s good for folks to see how informal we can be with each other. It isn’t always me sitting at the knees of the masters taking notes. We horse around some too. When I first started channeling I sure didn’t suspect that it would all end up this way. And, when it all started to go south as it were (that’s guide speak…they’ll sneak it in on me sometimes too…but, the phrase, “as it were” is entirely their’s) and, it’s not like I’ve lost control and it’s a matter of, “Take me to your leader” or anything like that. It’s like a parasite and a host. Gee guys, that sounds really appetizing. A nice symbiotic relationship. Everybody wins. Well, whatever. I type faster and better, so that’s a plus.

It's actually funny when they make me laugh at work. I have to say things like, "Sorry. I just thought of something funny." and hope the people don't want to really know what I was laughing about. I hate swallowing laughter. You really do need nerves of steel at times.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

What Was It Like?

I’m reminded of what it was like to learn how to channel.  I remember wondering what it would feel like when it happened.  I imagined something would be different about my world.  I imagined my life would turn about 180 degrees and I’d be a totally different person.  It didn’t happen.

What did happen was that my hand zoomed off of the edge of ouija board.  And, I didn’t do it.  That was the first thing that happened.  

Other minor things happened after that.  Like the year long headache I’d been having finally ended.  And, the damned ringing in my ears I’d been experiencing for as long as I’d had that year long headache also ended.  So, those were very welcome changes.

Then, for awhile after I started channeling I’d experience a tightness of a tingling band around the top of my head.  Also, I’d occasionally feel a picking feeling at the top right side of my head.  Not often and it didn’t last very long.  Just a few months.  Were those things related to the channeling?  I don’t know.  Seems the timing would indicate they were.  

The one really major change for me was in my dreams.  My dreams to that point had generally been along the lines of either fretful or nightmarish.  They had also been sort of lonely with me and whoever was chasing me in them.  After I started channeling all the guides showed up.  I’m assuming they were guides.  Maybe I should just call them Folk in Spirit because my mother is always in my dreams now.  I can remember in the early days I’d have dreams where I was channeling.  It took me a good year before I was ever able to channel verbally, so doing that in my dreams was a help to me.

In the 13 years that I’ve been channeling they helped out a whole lot when it came time for me to quit smoking and quit drinking.  They’re helping out now as I move through menopause.  At least, I appreciate whatever suggestions they give me occasionally.  

But, did I change?  Not really.  I’m pretty much still the same as I was before.  

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Potato Pancakes

If I were to compare how I feel now with how I felt before I started channeling I would say I don’t really feel any different. What’s different is that even though you might still talk to yourself occasionally, now, somebody might answer you. That did take some getting used to. And, when I think back to how I felt then I’d say there were time of really intense loneliness. Of times when I hesitated to say too many people knew where I was coming from. Now? Yeah, there be a stadium full of dead folk who understand me.

Like today. I was making potato pancakes to have for dinner. Actually, we ended up just having the potato pancakes by themselves, but I was reading the Stephen King novel, “Cell” and suddenly knew what was going to go perfect with our dinner of sausages and eggs. So, I hauled myself out to the kitchen to begin preparations. I had planned to do the mashed potato version but as I wheeled into the kitchen and began paring the potato I planned to use I thought grating it and making lacy pancakes sounded better. As I began to assemble the ingredients I wasn’t measuring anything; just tossing it all together in a bowl. So, a grated potato, some grated onion, some scissored chives from our patio, an egg, salt and pepper, baking powder and some flour.

I thought to put in some milk and at that point one of the guides said not to. They said there was enough liquid that had come off of the potatoes. So, I didn’t add anything else. And, that was the extent of guided involvement in tonight’s dinner. It was obvious. It was certainly helpful. DeeDude really liked the pancakes. We had already made inroads into the supply I’d finished frying when I suggested that could be dinner. He agreed, so I didn’t cook anything else; Susie Homemaker I’m not. But, it was a little bit of help. Granted, not having anybody to kibitz with me in the kitchen wouldn’t really have made a great deal of difference in how dinner turned out, but I enjoy the input from Spirit. I enjoy the company.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Psychic Attacks

Occasionally I will hear from people who are concerned about psychic attacks.  Mostly, they are wanting to channel, had a little bit of experience channeling or something along those lines and live in dread or had actually experienced what they consider to be a form of psychic attack.

Having been there, seen that and done that I hazard to say there is no such thing as a psychic attack.  (Duck)  

I believe what is happening is that folks are venturing out into an expanded psychic reality and don’t know what’s what yet.  What they interpret as a threat is actually just life intensified in a psychic manner.  When on the psychic plane things you experience are different than in your normal walk around in daily life and rather than approaching it all with an open minded attitude the person approaches it as dangerous and different and fearful.  Hence, it becomes threatening and therefore is an attack.  

So, that’s not to say that things in the psychic realms aren’t different…they are.  And, they can be interpreted as scary.  Your job is to decide in your heart that you are ready for it, that you are not going to be scared, that you are curious, that you are willing to learn and that you plain want to do this.  I guarantee that if you think it’s going to be scary it will be.  

Hey, meditating was scary for me until I got used to it.  

The first time I ever “saw” psychic faces as an adult they came to me as maws huge and dripping with drool, with eyes distorted and were just really scary and horrible things to behold.  As I grew accustomed to moving into a psychic vision place the faces calmed down until they were more like I used to see when I was 8 years old whiling away the time while I was supposed to be having an afternoon nap.  Then, as I got more adventurous my vision began to expand to encompass more of the entire being I was communicating with, and bits of scenery about the edges.  I’m still not expert at it, but at least, I’m not afraid.

I’ve heard people saying you can guard against psychic attacks by doing this or that or the other thing.  I personally don’t feel that doing things like that is going to help any whether you are dealing with a spirit or with some twit you met on the internet.  What I feel works if you feel you are under attack is to stop doing whatever it was that you were doing when you first felt the attack and then ask yourself what’s up with this?  Wait calmly for the answer and maybe you’ll get a glimmer of something from your childhood that might be addressed now.  It’s no different from the lessons we get in normal ordinary life, they are just continuing on the psychic planes.

So, on the one hand it’s a matter of folks just growing accustomed to dabbling in psychic stuff and getting used to it and on another hand it’s paying attention to your own inner growth.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's All About Relatives

Talking to Spirit is very much like attending a base ball game where all the seats have been sold out.  There is you and there are all those other people.  Except, you would never in a million years be able to talk to each and every one of those people.  It’s just plain not possible.  So, your focus of awareness on the psychic plane becomes very much like it is in real life.  You speak with those people who are within earshot, to those folks who are near you.

However, all those folks are really only a thought away.

If you are thinking that you’d like to talk to a long dead relative.  Hey, we could count back 6 great grandmothers.  You want to talk to your great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother.  It is likely you don’t even know her name.  You could sort of center yourself by figuring out what period of time she would have lived.  

Okay, figuring that each generation is 25 years and you’ve got 6 greats to work with.  That’s 150 years ago.  About.  So, that would place her in 1856?  Ah, wait a minute.  My great-grandmother was born in 1865.  For the kiddies in my family right now Neddie would have been their great-great-great grandmother.  Her mother would have been their great-great-great-great grandmother.  And, Neddie’s grandmother would have been their great-great-great-great-great grandmother.  However, we get to the 6th great by focusing in on my great grandmother’s great grandmother.  So, Neddie was born just as the Civil War was ending.  Her mother would have been born 25 years earlier about 1840, her grandmother might have been born in 1815 and the grandmom we’re looking for would have been born in 1790.  About. That’s the great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother for the little kids in my family.  For me we’d have to go back another 3 greats.  To 1715.  

Argh.  This is complicated.  Well, it’s an exercise.  It’s a stab in the dark.  One of the guides just said it’s not rocket science.  Ha.

Anyway, you’d like to talk to a long dead relative.  Why don’t you just pick a period of history?  You don’t have to be an expert.  Think of Benjamin Franklin.  What was he doing before the Revolutionary War in the United States?  He was busy getting in trouble.  He was writing up a storm and having disagreements with his brother.  Well, let’s think about what life was like for him.  No indoor toilets.  Quills to write with.  Probably cold a lot.  Sensible he was.  Nosy is what he was.  He was interested in everything going on around him.  He liked to needle people.  Sort of like I do.  Maybe that’s why we’re talking about him this morning.  

So, what you do is you close your eyes having established a toe hold in history.  You don’t need to know everything about it.  Just that it’s a long time ago.  And, you’d like to make contact with a relative, preferably female, from that time.  There’s no question that you had a relative from then.  You’re here aren’t you?  So, a relative.  That’s all.  This isn’t a famous person.  This is your relative.  How difficult can that be?  Here’s what one of the guides just said to me, “ From all appearances it is getting more and more complicated by the minute.”  What a hoot.

Okay, you’re right.  What I was trying to do was to establish that this is going to be easy.  

Okay, I know of Neddie.  Now, I will, in my mind move backward through the relatives who were familiar to her.  And, I know I have one when the tears well up in my own eyes.  It always happens that way with me.  It’s like this awareness on the heart level.  It’s a, “Oh, it’s been awhile since we talked. I’m glad to see you again.”  Except, usually I can’t see or hear in the beginning, it’s just this feeling, this heart feeling.  

Okay, so I’ve made contact.  I felt it.  I know from having done this many times this is how I make contact on the soul level, on the heart level, on the psychic level with whoever I’m looking for.  Now, as to actual communication?  Well, that might take a bit more concentration.  But, to know in your heart that you’d made contact with somebody, with a relative of yours who’d lived a long time ago, that’s pretty important, I think.  Who, when they were alive might never have thought ahead to when they themselves would have a great-great-great-great-great-great granddaughter or grandson.  Just consider it a brief family reunion.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


In the beginning there were many times when I thought my guide had gone. I was frantic to know that he was still with me. I couldn’t tell that he was there. I couldn’t see him. I couldn’t hear him. He wasn’t moving around. It was just empty. So, I’d say, “Seth?” like I wanted to ask a question, though I really didn’t have anything in particular to ask or to comment about. I just wanted the assurance that he was still there. And, he’d say, “Yes?” Just like that. As easy as that. I was almost embarrassed in the beginning to be caught being so needy because there’s one thing you won’t ever get away with again with your guides and that’s lying. They know.

As time went on I realized that my guide was always going to be there and if not him then somebody else would be around to talk to. You’d think I didn’t have any friends, but it’s sort of different with Folks in Spirit. I can actually say really dumb stuff and not feel bad. They have never once said they thought I was stupid, though I have thought it a lot. I can think the wicked horrible, godawful things that you’d never in a million years want anybody in the world to hear you saying and it’s okay. Though, what they will eventually do is want to talk about it. So, you’re not quite off the hook.

But, this is the one thing the guides are so good at, I think anyway, and that is guiding you. Being there whenever to just be there for you. They won’t try to make you into something you are not, they don’t judge you, they are just there to encourage you and to point out aspects of situations that you might have overlooked. It’s actually made me look brilliant occasionally, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I’m a creature of habit and I will still just for the hell of it say, “Seth?” even when I don’t have anything in particular that I want to say. And, he says, “Yes?”

You want to hear a channeling funny? It’s when I take the Lord’s name in vain and somebody says, “Yes?” Man, that’ll make you clean up your act in a hurry.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Learning To Channel

Here’s an email I got today.

I would really like to learn how to channel, I am wondering if you can help me and how we would go about it.


Sometimes it is a short learning curve and sometimes it takes years. It just depends on how far the person has come on their own particular journey. All I can recommend is for you to do it close to how I did it. Get a copy of Opening to Channel and do the exercises. Additionally, I have a blog about learning how to channel that has some tips on what to do and what it feels like.

First, though, you need to be certain that you aren't experiencing psychotic things and actually need a psychotherapist. Because if you are under a doctor's care or need to be, learning how to channel is a very bad idea.

Secondly, you need to be an adult. Preferably 35 years or older. I say this because I was such a ditz as a young adult myself. You need to already be well grounded and sensible and not easily frightened. Weird stuff happens. And, if you are frightened of it then you don't need to be channeling.

Next you need to read. A lot. I mean read a lot. The Seth books, Findhorn books, Ramtha books, Emmanuel books, Bartholomew books. There are more. Go out and find them. Read them. Find out what it is like to channel. Everybody has their own experience with it and you need to be finding out just what the guides say to all these people and how they say it.

Next, you need to be meditating. Lots of books out there to learn how.

Next, you need to really want to do this. Because years might go by where nothing happens. Like with me. The need to channel, the desire to channel needs to always be there. If you give up nothing is going to happen. It's almost like you have to prove to Spirit that you are worthy.

There aren't too many teachers out there who will take on students for a pittance. The places I've seen charge an arm and a leg. You can get correspondence courses from the folks who wrote Opening to Channel. They do good stuff. Also, in Berkeley, California you could sign up for a five year course on learning how to channel at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Doing it, of course, their way. That's what bugged me about their way. It was too regimented. But, organizations are out there who will take you by the hand and lead the way. Me? I throw you in the water.

I would also start reading A Course in Miracles. It will take a year to plow through it and that's just the student's portion. But, that sort of stand you on your head before Spirit will talk to you situation is what might possibly work for you.

Also, if you aren't already doing it start exercising. To move the energy. Also, painting, drawing, some sort of art work. At least make the effort. You need to move different portions of your brain.

Also, no drugs. Absolutely no drugs. If you're taking medication for a medical reason, that's different. But, no recreational drugs. That also means no abuse of alcohol. And, if you aren't already they will eventually get you to stop smoking. It's a boring, pristine life you will be living. Be careful what you are getting into. It's like taking orders and becoming a nun. I wouldn't have it any other way, but I'm basically no fun anymore at all.

Explore different spiritual paths. Start with the one you were exposed to as you grew up.

Loosen up. Don't be so judgmental of others. Their truths are just as valid as your own.

Anyway, this is all work that you have to do on your own. Keep a personal journal so that you can sort things out as you move along.

Dream work. Important stuff. You'll be doing much of the learning and meeting of Folks in Spirit in your dreams. Start remembering your dreams and writing them down. Learn how to dream lucidly. There are books out there and info on the internet to help you.

Learn a method of divination. Tarot is good. Allow Spirit to move through you for the readings you give yourself and eventually as you practice with others. The first time I dealt myself cards? I got the death card, the tower and the hanged man...none of them real happy cards. I was shocked. I gathered the cards up and dealt them again and got the same thing. I was almost hyperventilating and scooped them up to deal myself a third hand. Same 3 cards. That's when I stopped and started reading what those cards represented. Big journey. Big changes. Big, big, big. And, then I learned to channel.

Go on some Shamanic Journeys. Books out there to help you do it. Excellent method for meeting and talking to Spirit Guides and Folk in Spirit.

So, those are my tips.

Go lightly with it. No need to be so serious. There isn't a wrong way or a bad way to connect to Spirit though there will be people who have all sorts of opinions on it. Especially family members. It helps to have support from that quarter, though it is not always guaranteed. Mostly they will be alarmed that you're doing weird stuff and afraid that you'll end up like somebody saying God made you do it and kill a bunch of people. Hey, he heard voices too. That's why I say you've got to be psychologically sound.

And, once you've made that connection to Spirit? The ride ain't over yet. That's when the next hard work starts because they will push you to your absolute limits. The reason is that you don't do this for yourself or any other reason that you've got in mind right now. You end up doing it for other people. And, the advice you're going to be giving them needs to be sound. Which means you need to be sound and not operating from too neurotic a state.

So, if you want to learn, learn. You've got some tips on what to do. It's all self study unless you want to shell out the big bucks, which you might want to do as you move through the journey. I've spent oodles on music that helps me move into meditative states of mind. I'm stinky at meditating, so I always need help with it. Also, I use the music when I'm channeling at the computer. It just helps to move me into a place where I can concentrate and let go when I need to.

Mostly, you need to believe that you can do this. Because you can. What I was surprised to learn is that sometimes Spirit whispers too.

Write me as you move along if you want to. Your teachers will show up when you need to talk to somebody. They will all be different and all have different points of view, philosophy and techniques, but you can learn something important from each and every one of them.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Channeling In the Bread Isle

I made a promise to myself that every time I make an entry in The Spirit Moved Me that I’d find something to talk about in Learn To Channel too. I’m hoping to promise, at least, one entry a week into this blog.

At present these “lessons” are not arranged into any particular order. Rather, they are my experiences with channeling and, in particular, those things that might help somebody who is learning how.

Actually, I’d wanted to talk about a particular point, but the guides shot me down twice in the last minute. Sometimes I will just barrel on through past their objections, but when they say something more than once I start paying attention. The thing they said this morning as I moved into something I’d observed about my own experience only after I’d already been channeling for awhile was that I needed to concern myself with beginning channelers on these pages right now.

Normally, I would not write what I felt and how I felt as I write something, but, this was direct communication from my guides and since that is what this blog is about I want to include it here too. It’s all a process and when I was learning I didn’t know what to expect or how it would feel.

Anyway, here’s how it sort of goes….”Me typing, me typing, me typing…..Guides saying, “No…No…No….No”…Me going, “What? Now you made me lose my place. What are you talking about?”...Guides silent. “Me typing, me typing, me typing.” Guides saying, “No….No….No…No” Me stopping, centering, and allowing them to say something.

So, how do you know that your guide really said something? How do you know it isn’t you thinking it? How can you tell the difference?

In the beginning you can’t tell the difference. At least, I could not tell the difference. The only thing I had to go on was the fact that I was actively seeking to establish communication with my guide and because of that I was hoping, I was keeping my fingers crossed, I was really hoping that it would actually happen.

What happens is that when you are in the meditation mode of seeking, are actively involved in “The Meditation to Meet Your Guides” it’s pretty clear that you are speaking to a guide. As opposed to when you are in the grocery store moving through your list, hoping you are not going to go overboard on the sweet stuff just because your stomach is growling, and it’s almost dinner time, and the store is crowded, and it’s hot outside, and all you can think about is getting home. In the first instance you are consciously seeking communication. In the other situation you are busy living your life. And, the time will come when your guide might talk to you in the middle of the grocery store. What the hell is it going to sound like? Are you going to be struck dumb? Are you going to start shaking all over? Well, no.

For a beginning channel it’s probably going to be more along the lines of a feeling that you need to go back to the bread isle again. You’ve already been there once. In fact, you walked close to it another time when you back tracked to find some soup which is the next isle over. But, for some weird reason you felt the need to return again to the bread isle. So, you push the cart over there and this is the important part. You stay there for a few seconds longer than you normally would. Hey, I realize that this is a speedy shopping trip. You want to get home. Folks are going to be waiting for their dinners. It’s hot. There could be a horrible line up at the cash register. But, you stand there at the end of the bread isle for a few seconds. And, some little old lady rounds the end of the isle facing you and cannot reach the loaf of bread she wants. You move forward and get it for her. That’s all. You were moved into position to be of assistance to somebody else for a moment. It was no huge earthshaking communiqué from your guides. It was them moving you into place so you could help some little old lady who couldn’t reach the bread she wanted to get. Now, go get in line.

In the beginning I wasn’t able to hear my guides in a situation like that where there are other people around. Ideally, I would need to be by myself in either a quiet place or with the headphones on my head and soft new age instrumental music playing. Then, I could hear them pretty good.

Their voices would fade in and fade out too. It was sort of like me sticking my fingers in and out of my ears. I’d hear part of the sentence, not hear part of it, pick back up on it. It was nerve wracking, I can tell you. But, I eventually calmed down and once I’d allowed all that stress I was holding about the whole thing to fade away the reception got a whole lot better. Also, it just takes time to get used to it.

Anyway, back to the question of how do you know your guide said something and you didn’t think it? I ended up asking them. Thank goodness that phase didn’t last long because it was very awkward, but I’d say, “Did you just say something or did I think it?” That technique eventually evolved into what we do now which is me shooting an inquiry into the air for confirmation of something they’d said and me asking if I’d understood and interpreted it correctly and then having them come back with a mind’s eye visual for me of either a quick thumb’s up or a thumb’s down. There’s also a variation of this with some guide holding their nose. You can certainly figure out what that means.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Where Did He Go?

This entry was inspired by what I saw as one of the search strings for Talking To Spirit yesterday.  The search was:  when my spirit guide is no longer around.

I can understand why somebody would think this.  I can tell you what’s going on.  

This is the setting.  A person is learning how to channel.  They might not actually be calling it that.  At that point in their experience all they are doing is trying to make contact with their spirit guide and talk a little bit.  That’s channeling.  

They’ve had a little bit of success.  They did a meditation to meet their spirit guide and the guy actually showed up and they were able to talk a little bit out on the astral planes.  The person was just thrilled.  Maybe they met again during a dream or a meditation, but then the guide isn’t showing up anymore.

The person redoubles their efforts to make that connection to Spirit that will allow them to talk to this way cool guide again.  Nothing happens.  They are despondent.  And, hence, the search I saw.

It was a teaser.  That’s all.  The Spirit Guide is still there.  They are just waiting for the person doing the seeking to be ready.  The person has been exposed to Spirit in a way they’d never experienced before.  But, talking to Folks in Spirit requires, absolutely requires that you shape up.  Spiritually speaking.  Does this mean you’ve got to go to church, temple or mosque now?  No.  It means you need to heal up psychologically the best you can at this point in time.  Talking to Spirit is going to put real heavy demands on you.  You don’t really do this for your own personal benefit, though there are many benefits you will realize.  You end up doing it for the world.  You will be helping a great many people as time goes by.  To do that the healer needs to be healed.  So, do a personal inventory and find out if you’ve got any gaping holes there that need to be filled.  Psychological wounds, that’s what I’m talking about.

The next thing talking to Spirit requires is that you become more open minded.  Just be willing to entertain new ideas.  My suggestion would be to start reading, “A Course in Miracles”.  If anything is going to turn your world upside down that will do it real quick.  It’s easy too; all you need to read is just a page a day.  

What will inevitably happen is that your thoughts will turn to your spirituality.  At some point along the way, somehow you will need to fit this talking to Guides into your spiritual belief structure.  There is no right or wrong way to do this and if anybody tries to tell you differently just say, “Thanks.  I’ll take that under advisement.”  Your spirituality is your own business and you have a choice as to how you are going to express yourself.  

And, lastly, you need to chill out.  Calm down.  Know in your heart that your Guide in Spirit has not deserted you, but is merely waiting patiently with arms folded for you to be ready.  

Also, there is the idea that everybody has more than one guide.  You start out with one.  You get older.  Another guide takes over.  I’m not sure why this is, but they’ve told me that sometimes this is how it happens.  Sometimes a person will have more than one guide at a time.  So, don’t ever think that you have been deserted.  Your guides are there.  Go ahead and say hi.  You might not be able to hear them, but they sure can hear you.

Friday, June 30, 2006

An Audio Blog with Guides Talking Too

This is one of my first attempts at audio blogging. It occurred to me that you might be interested in hearing how the guides sound.
this is an audio post - click to play

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Watch Out!

One of the things I had to “get over” when I began to channel was the idea that my guides would tell me everything I wanted to know.  Nevermore would I go about in a state of confusion or of fear because I would know what was around the corner and coming at me from down the street.  Unfortunately, that isn’t so.

Having guides at your back and elbow does not ensure that you are going to lead a bliss-free, stress-free, accident-free and moneyed life.  Nope.  You still have bills to pay.  You are still afraid of the dark or whatever things scared you before you made that connection to Spirit and started channeling.  At least, most of them.  What the guides do for you is, almost in exchange for you providing a service for others they give you a break on some of the messes you find yourself almost stepping in. Every once in awhile they will alert you to the fact that something is up.  A lot of times they don’t tell you exactly what to look for, but at least you are on the alert to watch out for something.

Having a solid connection to Spirit does not ensure they will live your life for you.  You still have the same lessons to learn and if, as in my case, my higher self has determined that I learn all about a stolen purse, then that’s what will happen.  Actually, the guides did try to warn me that day and cautioned me against unrolling my window while I sat in my car eating my lunch.  In those days I smoked and after lunch always enjoyed a cigarette.  The window needed to be open to let the smoke out.  They’d never said anything before.  Why should I listen to such an odd suggestion?  Well, a lady reached right into the car and took my purse was why.  So, a couple of things I learned about that day.  Don’t eat lunch in a nearly deserted parking lot anymore and listen to my guides when they say odd things.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Odd Words in Channeling

There are some things I hesitate to talk about here.  Sex is one.  Work is another.  Gee, what exactly does that leave?  History, the estimable guide at her elbow says.  I think I must have spelled that one wrong…it’s got a squiggly red line under it.  Well, go back and ask your computer program to fix it.  There…it didn’t have an x in it after all.  I thought that looked funny.  

I’m going to talk about what exactly the guides end up saying.  It’s interesting that when I am tired I’ll get one thing, but as I’m writing I’ll intrude somehow to edit the words into something else.  The idea is the same, but what the guides had to say is different than how it originally started out.  It’s not that I’ve made it up because the guides still said it, but it’s sort of odd.  In the beginning when this would happen I’d get all upset about it and have to go pout or something.  “I can’t do this right so I’m not going to do it at all” sort of thing.  Then, as time went on I realized the guides weren’t getting all exercised about my inability as a channel to get the stuff right the first time out.  I think they’ve said occasionally to me, “We work with what we’ve got”.  Meaning, your’s truly sucks sometimes…but, we persevere.

Also, something that affects the process is how fast I type.  I’m actually looking forward to doing some verbal channeling with the dictation software I discovered last weekend was already on my computer.  It’s been there all along as a part of the Office 2003 Suite.  Who knew?  I didn’t.  In any case, I figure that the manner of delivering the channeling is going to be different…faster as opposed to as slow as I can type and it might possibly make a difference.  Time will tell.

Anyway, here goes.  An introduction please.  Okay.  Who are we talking to?  Now, see here’s where it goes all echoey…first I heard Seth…then I heard my mother….in the beginning I sensed a little girl.  Who knows?  All three of us.  Yeah, right.  No, really.  It’s like a cocktail party right now.  There are these 3 older looking guides, real distinguished sorts over there by the exit…fish bowl.  I swear you guys are pulling my leg.  So what if we are?  The point of this exercise is to illustrate the odd double words that you hear.  For instance the guides over by the exit or fish bowl have moved.  They are now walking down the street with multi flowing costumes flowing past their shoulders…a scarf, Dear.  Okay.  Yes, a scarf.  

Did you say something about wait until we get somebody who stutters?  Would you do that to me?  No, we were seeing if you were listening.  

Friday, June 16, 2006

Talking about Channeling

Learning to channel doesn’t have to be a serious thing. It was for me until I finally broke through and then it became fun. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. It could have been fun all through the learning process. I think what I wasn’t sure of was if I was doing it right. I had advice from all different quarters and I actually couldn’t do many of the exercises well or at all in some cases; I was just a miserable student. But, this is the key to success in this endeavor: I did not stop trying.

So, there I was, serious, miserable and just would not stop. I was driven, I suppose. I just had to do this thing; this talking to my guide thing. I sort of had an idea of what it might be like once I got through, but I wasn’t sure. Mostly people were sort of vague about it. The only information for me that seemed real came from the books of people who were actually channeling. I read some of the Seth books. I really loved the Messages from Michael books, but I still could not really imagine what it would be like once I was finally channeling.

Actually, I pretty much feel the same before and after. There were a few instances after I had started channeling where I went around with a tingly sensation on the top of my head. Like I was wearing a headband and for the circumference of that headband my head tingled. Also, I’d get this piercing tingling feeling on the upper portion of my head. Now, I don’t know if that was a developmental thing or if the guides were just jerking me around, but I did feel it. I suppose those feelings must have lasted a few months. But, they went away. Seth told me once I was being fine tuned. Okay.

I guess my advice to anybody who is wanting to learn how to channel would be there are lots of ways to learn. You don’t have to be expert or comfortable with all of them. Just the one or two that are actually going to be the ones to help you make that final leap. And, it isn’t a case of you attracting your guide to you like they are way far away and now you are ready to talk to them. Our guides are always there. It’s you who aren’t ready yet. So, they are there. Get ready.

Learn to quiet your mind. That means meditate. If it puts you to sleep, fine, next time sit in a chair. If you still go to sleep, sit on a bed of nails as Seth told me to do once. I considered a doormat, one of the Astroturf varieties with a little daisy on the side, but I actually never got around to doing it. Anyway, I have a tendency to go to sleep when I meditate. And, I would not recommend sitting on a bed of nails. That was guide humor.

The other important thing to remember is that you are forcing yourself to move forward on your own journey. When you do things like that you rustle up crap from the past, things that you’ve tended to ignore for years and would rather not look at. Guess what? You get to look at them now. When you talk to Spirit you better be on the way to an emotionally healthy place. At least the willingness to do something about it will somehow magically place the tools to do so at your disposal: you’ll see a Dr. Phil marathon, or a Dr. Wayne Dyer show or a psychotherapist will move into the house next door to you. “Pay attention”, one of the guides just said.

The reason why I say this is that the information you receive is going to be distorted by the fact that you are a human being and you are changing the information, filtering it through the being that is yourself. The guides told me once that they don’t mind so much. They work with what they get. Ahem. Anyway, imagine that a guide says, “Blue”. You perceive a light lilac color. Or, a guide says, “Tiger” and you understand him to have said, “Kitty cat”. See what I mean? It gets distorted. If you are psychotic that info ain’t going to be good at all. So, if you’re schizoid or are under a doctor’s care of a psychological illness you best not learn to channel. Not a good mix. But, mildly neurotic like most of the world is? Just get your self help book handy.

And, have fun. One of my favorite things to do is to doodle. Sometimes I’ll just turn it over to Spirit for a few minutes and let them write, or draw, or just doodle. It’s a way for me to just hang out with Spirit for a few minutes. Just to be there.