Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How do you Hear?

TM wrote:  I'm not a skeptic but how can a medium talk and listen at the same time. So L.I.Medium will be talking nonstop and say "they just told me" but how can she hear anything while she's been talking? I am so curious about this I'm trying to get an idea of how this works. Thanks for any input.

In the early days of channeling it was very difficult for me to talk and hear at the same time.  As you do it more and more it gets easier.  It's like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time and then switching back and forth.  At first it is hard, then you get used to it.
One of the guides just said to me it is like listening to music and having a conversation at the same time.  On some level you are hearing that music while you are talking.
I am a huge fan of Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium.  I did not go to school to learn how to channel and have always looked to other mediums to learn.  I have seen that channeling is different from one person to another.  One of the things that I do, or more to my liking, one of the reasons I feel am here is to let people know they have the same senses that a medium does and they can talk to Spirit too. 
Their sense of speaking to Spirit can be developed.  Or, you might already be hearing Spirit and just not realize it.  Spirit could start speaking to you in your dreams.  Like somebody calls your name and you wake up.  Who was that?  I wasn't having a dream.  Who was that?  You may never know.  You could possibly call it Spirit...or Somebody in Spirit and not lose any sleep over it.
Awakening your sense of Spirit could be as simple as creating a new belief.  The idea that you can be heard.  Spirit can hear you.  You might not be able to hear them yet, but they sure can hear you.
Also, the words that a medium hears might be as fast as a flash of lightening, or an electrical impulse.  It is almost an understanding.  Sometimes what a medium hears comes to them as a visual cue too.  Putting it all together you have the message of Scotland, a hilltop, an old man, a strong man standing there.  Involved with the railroad.  How, I don't know.  Cottage, farm in the background.  Other buildings.  Out buildings.  Smoke from peat fires.  Stings my eyes.  Hard to breathe.  Moist.  Other people.  A little boy.  His back is bent.  He works hard in the fields.  His brother gets to go up into the hills to watch the sheep.  He thinks his brother has the better job because he doesn't have to go to school. 
Sometimes, for me it is just seeing things like I just did.  Maybe these are your relations from another time.
Pauline Evanosky

Saturday, June 06, 2015

A Lesson

I found out a friend of mine passed away several weeks ago.  I wasn’t shocked because we had been expecting this news for some time.  He had been in ill health for a long time.   

It was the next morning after I awakened that I began to go through the grieving process for him.  Then, because I am a channel and I can talk to the dead I said to my guides, “Why didn’t somebody let me know that he had passed?  What kind of psychic am I that I can only talk to dead people after I get the news they have died?  Why didn’t you tell me?”  My friend replied, “What?  Now you’re mad because I died?”  I calmed down, smiled and said, “No, of course not.  I’m sorry.”  A few seconds passed and then one of the guides said, “To what purpose?  What were you planning to do?  Buy flowers?  Measure him for a casket?  What would it look like to notify someone they were going to pass in three days’ time?  It is not done.”